How to care for your dog’s hair

Just as we must care for our skin not only an aesthetic issue but also health, when it comes to our adorable companion to do the same with his fur mainly because the attention in this regard will help you keep your home more clean and your pet happier. We give you all the advice so you know how to care for your dog’s hair easily.

dog's hair


Many times we complain that our house is full of creeps our dog and we know how to clean them . For one of the best ways to avoid this is just the animal’s fur care.

Since childhood you must accustom to brush at least every other day, this will help keep your hair cleaner and reduce loss. This will smell better, you have to bathe less frequently and see less hair on your furniture, carpets and clothing.

Furthermore this task will help you identify faster when your dog has fleas or other problems in the coat that may affect your health.

Dog brushes that are in the market are designed for different hair types : long, dense, delicate dog for which the skins are harder etc. The recommendation is to consult your veterinarian or at a retail store before making the purchase.

For long-haired dogs is normal brushing takes more time but we must do it in thoroughly, take this opportunity to strengthen the bond with your pet and give it a bit of pampering.

No need to bathe your dog too if we maintain proper care of your hair, do it only when smell bad or when for some reason (got into a mud puddle for example) become dirty more than usual.

It is also important to pay attention to the hair of his legs , use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the dirty hair near their hooves thus able to control infections and problems in the area.

His tail also deserves careful, clean the hair on the back of any dirt could drag especially when it comes to dogs long tail.

The hair around the muzzle can also get dirty with food or because he was playing with something, you can also clean it with a damp cloth or sponge. In the area around the eyes removes dirt with a wet cotton, periodically do to avoid problems in this sensitive part.

If you notice that your dog is losing more hair than normal or have any irritation, injury or skin sensitivity consulting a vet.

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Remember that your dog deserves all the attention and love to live healthy and happy. In the case of large long-haired dogs brushing can take your time but it is a task that should do for your health.

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