What to do if your dog has character

Have a character dog can quickly become unmanageable for his master. But it is not inevitable, there are way to regain the top.

The opinion of the educator Antonio Ruiz
Need to question and say that one has every chance of being able to manage his dog if it provides the means. The professionals able to help are many: canine educators professional but also veterinary behaviorists and others.

A few rules database can already be useful: who says dog character said master, i.e. a master who will get what he wants, he had to insist at length. Many dogs eventually get what they want because they have “been” their master to wear.

The dog has only this to make his day, satisfy his desires, not you. So, the first rule is not to give.

The second is of… no surrender ! To those who tell you: it is necessary to “break” (“break” his character, the mater), I answer by three arguments:
-the first is the risk of seeing the dog rebiffer (rightly) and you bite.
-the second: you could actually “break” the dog and make it fearful and/or unstable, therefore potentially even more dangerous.
-Finally, and this is probably the main: there are other more effective and less risky solutions.

So do not listen advisers who, as you know, are not paying. Here it is the dog that could pay a high price of such methods.
Another important point: I think it is possible with a very good education to control a dog’s character. But to take a talking picture, you have to see the character of the dog as a wall that is covered with a layer of veneer of manners. If the varnish gives way (because not enough maintained), the imperfections will only be visible. It’s up to you to remain vigilant and to ensure obedience and the sociability of your dog on a daily basis.

Confusion between different terms: character, temperamental, dominant, aggressive, disobedient, independent, asocial
We have seen what distinction could be made between a dog’s character and a temperamental dog (which would have bad temper and mood swings). A dog is not dominant in the absolute, in the sense where the dog breathes not dominating, he eats not dominating, it does not needs dominating.

Many things have been said about it often wrongly. Lots of “dominant” classified behaviors are just simple communication elements behind which should not see a irrepressible desire to dominate everything that moves. The aggression has nothing to do with the character, the aggression is a response to a given situation.

How many dogs died of funk have aggressive behaviour, while being away from dogs of character! Disobedience is only a pretext behind which hide the owners who have not made an effort to get their dog. Independence is certain individuals or certain breeds. For example, the Anatolian shepherds are dogs and cattle in Turkey and monitoring.

To ensure their mission, they face bears the conditions of extreme life and predators such as wolves and other. A drastic selection encouraged dogs to the well tempered character, able to withstand these conditions. Converted into pet dog, qualities may be perceived by some as a defect.

The man is often responsible for the social nature of a dog. Like most Canids dogs are social animals. Learning that adults give children in nature is not always done by the man who has no qualms to qualify then his sociopathic dog! More importantly, we would like that our dogs are friends from all over the world, other dogs, human, other races, while we are completely incapable, but the man is not a paradox about!