Your Dog training

Make his dog is sometimes possible when the situation with the master (or masters) degenerates, and you may rely on a canine behaviorist.

You can decide to use a canine educator when you encounter a number of problems with your dog :
-Your dog barks ever
-Your dog is aggressive
-Your dog disobeys
-Your dog is destructor
-Your dog fugue
-Your dog is dirty (dirtiness of the dog)
-Your dog bites
-Your dog is afraid to be alone
-Your dog is thief
-Your dog is anorexic…

Your Dog training

These are behavioural problems that you can find in a dog whose education was not properly made.

The dog by a behaviorist
The canine behaviorist is formed in ethology (the study of animal behavior), but it is also endowed with human qualities that allow him to understand the relationship between the master and his dog.

Dog behaviorist will be there to observe the relationship you have with your pet, it will be at your disposal, it will try to understand why the situation is as it is at the moment then it will help you, will give you advice.

Each dog trainer has his technique to take part in the education of the dog. In some cases you take your dog in the trainer (in the dog training school for example) where he will learn to understand Basic orders. You will be explained how to understand your dog and how to give orders that it will abide by.

The canine behaviorist may be heard at home to set goals to the master to rebalance the hierarchical relationship between dog and master. Indeed, the disorders of the dog’s behaviour are involved because the dominant and dominated report is reversed: This means that the dog took over on the master and sees itself as the dominant home being.

The advantage when the behaviorist for dog travels to homes, it can provide advice to education to all members of the family and not just the dog handler.