if I optais for a young dog

Here are a few arguments “for” and “against” regarding the choice of a young dog (5 to 12 months):

-His physique and character are still malleable, but the most important part of the “maintenance work” is spared. The young dog salit more home (either he very quickly learned to no longer do so); his teeth have already been replaced and it more ronge anything; in general, he already knows the base orders such as “come!” and “not.”
-If it is aged more than five or six months, it can already be seen if he is not suffering from genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia.
-A specialist can assess his chances of a career as a dog of exposure or work 80 %.

young dog

-He needs that dealing much of him (however less than a puppy).
-The young dog is less trouble that a puppy but they are more serious.
It depends on…
– The young dog is partly influenced by theeducation and received treatment earlier: this can be positive if education and treatment have been good but be a real disaster if not.
-If it belongs to a breed that matures early, it is very difficult to impose its will . If it belongs to a breed of very hierarchical, there is however no big problems provided that it is known to behave as a true band.
-If the subject is very beautiful or if he showed an aptitude at work, its price is higher than that of a puppy. Sometimes however, found a young dog who missed his appointment with the glory due to a small detail (for example, a somewhat clear eye in a race where it should be very dark): this would penalize in exposure but this represents no disadvantage for those who simply wish a friend or a guardian. With a bit of luck, can therefore be obtained a very good dog at an interesting price (thefarmer, which must be separate, we see often come with a good eye).

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