Wormer for dogs

Deworming is an important preventive measure against the development of internal parasites such as roundworms and tapeworms.Dogs are very easy prey to internal and external parasites.Among the diseases they may be victims,the internal parasitic diseases are undoubtedly the most dangerous because of their frequency and complications they can cause.Small or large,outdoor dogs or apartment dogs living in the countryside or the city,none can escape: they must be dewormed!

Worming his dog from the breeder and then to the master
The deworming a dog is a very important act.It starts early with the breeder.The first dose of wormer is between 12 and 15 days after birth with a dewormer to give three days.Best to do next,to three weeks,an injection under the skin (the vet).To the master,then the puppy is wormed at 2 months,then once a month to 8 months,then once a year.Deworming can be done twice a year if the dog is in contact with a young child because there are risks of contamination.

Wormer for dogs

Wormer for dogs: the pregnant female too!

The pregnant female will be dewormed before ten days and ten days after calving.It must also be wormed one week before mating.Be aware that a treatment against worms has only a time effect,it kills the worms in the body,but does not prevent another infestation (this is not a vaccine).

Wormers for dogs in issues 5

How to tell if a dog has worms?

A stool analysis can be performed by the veterinarian who will tell you exactly what are the worms that your dog.Symptoms of parasitism are important to weight loss and a very bloated belly and frequent yawning puppies.Anyway,deworming is done automatically as a precaution.

Can you catch worms from a dog?

Yes, children are the main victims.They are contaminated by licking his fingers after petting the animal.Cases of larval migration in the body,including the brain,have been reported,but the contamination is not always that degree of gravity.It is in any case be very careful with young children and follow all hygiene measures.

How many times a year should you deworm?

Deworming is planned as follows:
– Once a month 2 to 8 months
– Once a year from 8 months to town
– Twice a month in the countryside or in the presence of a young child

How to give a wormer to a dog?

Different presentations are available: tablets,oral syringes,injections.The tablets are given once or three days depending on the product and its mode of action.It is important to follow the directions for use and dosage of each anthelmintic.The syringes are convenient for small dogs.The injections were made by the veterinarian in case of parasitism important.

Wormers are they effective against all worms?

It depends on the products and their spectrum of activity.Some anthelmintics act on roundworms,others on flatworms.Products called polyvalent or broad spectrum acting on these two types of worms.Other products are very specific (to more rarities like heart worms or whipworms).

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