How to keep your West Highland White Terrier White

The West Highland White Terriers or “Westies” are small very active dogs who love to run in the yard or in the park. Unfortunately, this means that keeping your dog’s coat clean and white can be a very difficult task. You may not be able to take your dog to the hairdresser or give a bath every time it gets dirty. Bathing your dog too often can also damage your coat and skin secarles. Here are some tips to keep their coats clean and white, without even having to bathe.

white terrier white



Sprinkle a little of your dog with a spray bottle filled with water. Do not wet your dog’s coat, just moisten.

Shake the talc powder containing starch of corn. Apply starch corn sparingly and massage it on your dog’s fur with your hands or a brush.
Remove the talcum powder coat of your dog with the brush. Use a brush with stiff bristle brush well and make sure your dog’s coat.