Removing tear stains on a white dog

White dogs, such as poodles, Chihuahuas is prone to tear stains. They are reddish-brown marks that you can see around the dog’s eyes. These spots are caused by excessive tears and can be for various reasons, including ear infections, allergies, low quality food or a dog with a predisposition to Larimer excessively. While stains can be unsightly, you can clean them and remove them at home for little money and little time.

white dog




Commercial use eye drops to clean the area around the eye. You can find them at the local pet store. Follow the specific directions on the package, because the products may vary.


Give your dog good quality food and water. If you need a recommendation, please check with your veterinarian or an employee of the local pet store. The good quality food can help prevent tear stains in the first place, in addition motivates a stronger immune system to help prevent other problems develop which can cause stains worse. For water, consider using bottled or filtered water. Tap water contains many minerals that can cause the tear stains develop. Another option is to use stainless steel bowls for food and water for your dog. The plastic bowls can harbor bacteria that can cause discoloration coat.



Keep your dog’s ears clean to avoid infections. Use a commercial ear cleaner and a solution to dry, available at local pet store to clean your dog’s ears weekly according to package directions. Clean your dog’s ears can prevent infections and earwax develops. Also, after baths, be sure to dry your ears well.



Take care of your dog.

Watch your dog for any signs of allergy. Depending on the allergen, your dog can rub your face or ears on the carpet, chewing her paws excessively or have very watery eyes. If you suspect an allergy, discuss with your veterinarian. Removes known allergens in your home whenever possible.



You can use apple cider vinegar.

Improves the immune system of your dog. Although changing your dog’s food will do much to improve your immune system, you can also try other food additives. Low fat yogurt is an option. Contains live active cultures that are good for improving the immune system. Another option is to add apple cider vinegar to the water bowl for your dog daily. In general, if your dog weighs 50 pounds (23 kg) or less, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to their water daily is enough. Also causes bacteria and yeast from growing on the skin and ears of your dog.