What to know before buying a puppy

buying a puppy

Get nice puppy

Therefore, you have decided to purchase a puppy. What a thrill for you and your family create the long-term commitment for a dog. Have you thought about what kind of dog is right for your lifestyle? Please get a stare at our instructions that can assist you figure out what type of dog suits you and your family better.

Buying a puppy from a breeder

If you have decided to buy a dog breeder, follow our top tips to ensure that you are purchasing a healthy, happy puppy. The RSPCA / AWF puppy contract can help to keep away from becoming another victim of the trade in puppies. Always make sure you see mom and her cubs together and never buy a puppy if you have questions on breeder or situation buy the puppy only fund their illegal operations. Contact us with any concerns about a breeder so we can investigate.

buying a puppy

Questions for breeders

Before visiting a puppy, telephone and some questions first is recommended. Here are some examples of questions for a Puppy Breeder:

  • They breed puppy does?
  • Are the puppies that were bred maintained?
  • Have you been treated dogs worms or other parasites?
  • Are the puppies having some form of identification, such as microchips?
  • When you meet the puppies:
  • Make certain to see the mother of healthy puppies.
  • Look for clues that the puppy was actually born.
  • Ask for the problem of screening diseases, vaccination and microchip records certificates.
  • Look for any signs of illness.

Taking your new puppy home

When you have chosen your puppy, you need to get everything prepared at home. In addition, you find a vet and reservation for a checkup. Should be sure to guide and train to become happy and so beloved companion. This is just the beginning of the exciting escapade of dog ownership.