What to do with your dog during a hurricane

dog during a hurricane

If you are about to live in your own hurricane meats and you own a dog, here are some tips to keep in mind to keep animals safe. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy struck part of the US leaving 1.5 million people without electricity. Leaving dozens dead in nearly a dozen states that declared a state of emergency including Connecticut, Massachusetts Rhode Island, and Maryland New York, New York. Jersey, Virginia.

dog during a hurricane

The District of Columbia should serve as an example to take into account and prepared everything necessary in case at any time a similar situation occurs in the area where we live or a similar catastrophe.

Hurricane dog

The noises of hurricanes and changes in barometric pressure can cause a big fuss in dogs and cause them to become stressed. Some measures that can be done to calm this nervous state: Listen to relaxing music. Download classical music songs, although it seems incredible can have a calming effect on the dog. If the light goes away, a station of classical music will be a good substitute.

Put your dog in a tight shirt. It has been discovered that a constant pressure on the middle section of the body is extremely soothing for many anxious dogs. If you do not have a special item to relax stressed dogs, you can make one with a t-shirt that fits the dog or by placing an Ace band around the shoulders and chest.

If you are under provisions:

It is advisable to have food for three days water bowls and medicines. Remember that your dog can eat human food. In fact, for him everything is dog food. Although you need to avoid interrupting your usual diet if your dog is having a stressful time you have to do whatever it takes to keep him hydrated and satiated.

If you are feeding the dog with your own food, try to keep it away from things that are highly processed or that include more than three ingredients. Meat can be fed cooked or simply steamed. In the fridge, you will surely have food for your dog like rice, eggs, canned pineapple canned pumpkin, canned vegetables. Avoid nuts avocados onions, garlic, chocolate, grapes, raisins, caffeine or any excess salt.

Sandy hurricane dog

Carry everything you have for licenses, medical records or any important dog paper. To be able to be put in bags that resist water. Bring a picture of you and your dog to show it in case of emergency or possible separation. If you lose your phone or computer you will not have a way to show your dog. A photo is the best way to show that the dog is yours.

Would you like in an emergency someone questioned who owns your dog. It will be very useful to have the dog bed next to you, it will be indispensable for the dog to feel comfortable and protected in a new environment.

Your dog has never bitten anyone. The dog has teeth and in a situation of stress, the chances of him biting rise significantly. All people will be safer if you avoid any possibility of the dog biting. If you have a muzzle but the dog is not accustomed to it you may be given some food to try to create a positive association. If you do not already have a pet emergency kit you should have one. It can be used to both clean wounds or can be diluted in water put in your throat if your dog eats something and needs to vomit it.

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