What dog diseases treated by homeopathy?

Disorders of the dog treated by homeopathy
– gastro-enteritis, poisoning and how General benign digestive difficulties
– cold and allergic manifestations
-diseases of themusculoskeletal system. A neck pain can be relieved in 9 cases out of 10 by Arnica. As the pain of a member for example is worsened or improved by the movement, prescribing Bryona or Rhus Tox

– stressreactions, bad transport and behavioural (Stramonium for an aggressive animal) in addition to therapy
-not to mention skin problems, which often express an imbalance internal or a psychological problem that homeopathy can help relieve in addition to allopathic drugs and routine treatments (vaccines, wormers…)

Homeopathy for dog

More and more used in addition to surgery, the small white granules of homeopathy mitigate the side effects of anaesthesia and stimulate the sutured wound healing. I also used to alleviate the harmful effects of vaccinations on the immune system (drop the defenses, allergy risk…) and as an accompaniment to deworming (Cina for disorders caused by worms).

But beware, as in allopathy, effectiveness requires to find the right medications. However, contrary to what a simplified presentation might suggest, this is not always easy, even for an experienced practitioner! Finally, it is a matter of common sense, but better to drive the nail: homeopathy does of course not cure serious progressive diseases such as cancer . It will not save your dog with a stomach torsion or Piroplasmosis (deadly disease carried by ticks) and cannot substitute for surgical operations.

Consult or give homeopathy the dog yourself?
-You can administer homeopathy in self-medication for specific disorders, in case of small bills or crisis. These granules can be used by everyone. Whether they act, their low dilution is not likely to aggravate the condition they are supposed to contain. There are preparations in the form of tablets or other including several substances related to simple indications (sickness, stress, rheumatism, etc.): Cocculine or other.

-Classic route: a remedy is prescribed in low dilution (the most powerful) to treat a chronic disease. Then, it is recommended to consult a specialist expert in the art of restoring the history of the disease and able to “identify” Symptoms of rigorously. If necessary, choose the best therapeutic strategy including traditional means of care (allopathy, surgery…).