What cereal to his dog?

Cereals are much less important than meat but are an essential source of vitamins (including vitamin E in the germ of wheat and maize, vital for fertility) and minerals. Juliette de Bairacli Levy advises to exclude plans 100% carnivorous and denatured, white flours. Dogs need predigested cerealslike them available the contents of the intestines of herbivores. Incidentally, note that they also ate tree bark – excellent doggy food – issues from the bowels of goats and rabbits.

But be warned : the quantities must not exceed about 15% of the daily ration and be easily assimilated.

What cereal to his dog

It is a great help for dog breeding! Rich in magnesium (antacid), barley is the most alkaline cereals. Excellent detoxifying the blood and cooler during the hot season. The Arabs the generously distribute their Thoroughbreds and Salukis. Barley flour has soothing properties. Formerly used as a poultice for skin problems. Drug for kidney problems.

In its complete form, the segle contains fluorite for strong nails and a resistant tooth enamel. Good food for dogs prone to being overweight. Recommended in the form of slabs of puffed grains.

Unique food, this cereal can support life for months. It must be pre-baked and petals/flakes (a handful per day for a medium-sized dog). Corn contributes to the beauty of the hair and teeth. It improves fertility. In Scotland, the Border Collies shared corn sheep, tempered in the whey. Corn can be given raw, live fields, when the Spurs are still tender and Milky. Juliette de Bairacli Levy scratch grains with a vegetable peeler and mixes with a little vegetable oil, milk and salt. Dogs love.

You can also do this with canned corn, since it is one of the rare plants, with pineapple, which retain their qualities in metal cans. For kidney problems, chop the beards of the ears – 2 teaspoons for a medium-sized dog – on food or the BREW.

Use the rice only, which provides many minerals (thiamin, niacin and iron). The cooking juices has antidiarrheal properties. Dogs can occasionally make a meal of rice + vegetable oils (corn, olive) + raw egg. If you don’t have that white rice, add 2 tablespoons of wheat per cup of rice cooked to add fi BRE and vitamins. Rice is also found in puffed grains.

Flax seeds
A winter tonic that can add to other cereals. Rich in minerals and omega 3, seeds produce a very greasy oil that oral is very beneficial to hair growth, but it can also be used externally to feed fur. The envelope of seeds is very hard and should be soaked for 24 hours in a good amount of water. Discard this gelatinous water, then cook for 30 minutes, stirring.

Flaked, it is a vital canine food, well supported by most of the topics. Oats are cereal that contains the highest protein levels and a healthy dose of iron. It is deemed clean the intestines, calming the nervous system, contribute to the strength of the bones. The Oatmeal porridge is food from farms Border Collies in Scotland, dogs of berger hyperactive very resistant to cold and moisture.

Oats have already been precooked during their transformation. Do not overcook, but let them soak overnight in milk, cut water milk or a vegetable broth (nettles + carrots or potatoes skins + peas pods). Add a little salt. Oat milk is an excellent food for a sick dog. Pour a quarter of a litre of hot water on a handful of snowflakes. Soak overnight and press the flakes to remove the milk, make you cool. Add a spoonful to dessert with honey or maple syrup.

A recipe for Natural Rearing

One way to prepare cereals is to make flakes (maize, oats…) by crushing them between hot rollers. Make a mix of 4 cereals in the form of flakes or petals not grilled: barley, oats, rye and whole wheat (attention: the wheat must be previously pounded and precooked), that you soak overnight in a vegetable broth cold, whole milk or curdled milk.

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