Ways to train your dog

There are many reasons why a person would want to train your dog to defecate in one area. Service dogs are trained to do this because if the person who has it goes on a cruise, for example, and needs his service dog defecating on a pasture in the boat, or pads for these effects , this training will be helpful. There are several ways to train your dog to do his business in one place.



Add a command to the act of defecating. When your dog is still a puppy begins to train him to defecate when the orders. To do this, take your dog to the area where you want to make your needs, either on the patio or a box dog pee pads, or simply an open newspaper. Give a command like “the potty” or “fast”. As soon as your dog complete the act, praise him a lot and give him a snack. Do this every time you need to go and you’ll know immediately.

ways to train  dog


Use a rope or fence to enclose the patio area where you want your dog defecates. Take your pet to a specific area with a belt. Put it inside the box and get even the belt. You can use an x-pen (pencil exercises ) works well for this application as it can be arranged in any shape or size. Leave it in this area with the pencil exercises until defecate. As soon finished, praise him and let him leave the sector. Understand quickly to return to your house should defecate on the area that you have put.
Arrange an area in your home if you’re training to defecate inside. This is a good idea for those who are disabled and can not walk the dog, or who live in areas where it is difficult to take the can outside, and during winter storms or hurricanes. When you see your dog doing circles around an area, take it to the given sector with newspapers, pee pads or dog litter and defecate waits. Once it has done, praise him and give him a snack after the rally.