Treatment for dogs with heartworm

Heart worm are deadly parasites affecting dogs and are infected by mosquitoes. This parasite is preventable, but once a dog has heart worms, the options for treatment are limited. The heart worm prevention is easier than treatment once the parasite spreads, because there are risks involved in all treatments for dogs who have tested positive for the parasite.

Treatment for dogs


There are several different classes of heartworm infection that a dog can experience. The kind of infection that a dog is experiencing indicate what type of treatment should be given in the response. You and your veterinarian should consider the severity of the infection before deciding on a treatment . The parasite class 1 may have no symptoms or mild signs of heartworm disease. Class 2 includes symptoms of moderate disease. Class 3 is classified by presenting symptoms severe.

Immiticide is a type of arsenic compound to be injected into the lumbar muscle of the infected dog to receive treatment . There are different types of protocols of treatment that a vet can keep using this medicine. One example is to give two injections of the compound, with 24 hours apart. Another option is given three injections, with the first two separated by distance 30 days and the final 24 hours after the second.

There are two ways to see the treatment of heartworms. There are options of treatment to kill the heartworms faster but pose a greater risk to the dog and vice versa. A choice of treatment longer will reduce the risk of complications associated with the treatment , but offers a death rate much slower for heartworms. Other considerations can be made ​​when choosing the treatment , as cost considerations, since the treatment is billed per injection.

While it is possible to successfully treat heartworms in dogs , it is important to understand that treatment for a dog will always inherent risks and there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. Most treatments for heartworm are uncomfortable for these animals and can not promise results, which means that it is still possible for a dog with a heartworm infection by the parasite die.

Heart worms are parasitic infections can be prevented. There are a number of different products heartworm prevention on the market, most of which require a veterinarian’s prescription to get them. You should take your dog to a vet for an annual examination and acquire something to prevent heart worm as Iverhart or Heartguard products. These products are designed to prevent heartworms in a dog healthy and are not intended to be used once the dog has tested positive for the infection.