How to make home remedies to treat dry skin in dogs

The remedies home to treat dry skin on dogs are best employed in winter. The greater the exposure to heat, dogs have the same symptoms associated with dry skin than humans, such as dandruff and itching skin. That’s why it is important to limit the frequency of the baths. The bathroom has a drying effect, as it removes the natural oils. However, the remedies are not recommended for home symptoms that occur in summer as it can be a sign of allergies, parasites or

treat dry skin in dogs


Bathe your pet with dog shampoo. Animals have a different pH level of human beings, so choose a cleanser formulated for your pet.

Follow with conditioner. Rinse with a moisturizing conditioner to soften the hair and skin.

Stroke it to help the propagation of the natural oil. To pamper your dog, remove small amounts of natural oil. In effect, it stimulates the production of more oil throughout the follicle and shaft, which will help to lubricate the skin.

Clean your dog’s coat between baths. Prevent dry skin by excess water. Rub your dog with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

Give your pet a diet that promotes healthy skin. Choose a food for dogs that improves the condition of the coat and skin, specifically with a supplement with essential fatty acids like Omega-6.

Connect a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Put it in the room where your dog spends most of the time.