How to treat cough in dogs

The cause of the cough of a dog can be caused from a hairball, irritations from the environment or serious health diseases. Treat the cause of cough help recovery dog but owners should observe the behavior of your pet. If attempts to treat coughs are unsuccessful or the dog becomes lethargic, has a fever and lose your appetite, take him to a vet to be diagnosed and treated.

treat cough in dogs


Check the collar and dog leash. If you are busy , could further irritate a scratchy throat and cough worse. Consider changing to a chest harness it to clear the cough.

Provides relief for sore throat. A quick fix is to spread honey on bread. This could also tempt a dog to eat if you have lost your appetite. Leave dog exposed to steam. Use a humidifier or vaporizer. If you have any of these things, sit with the dog in the bathroom while you let the water run hot in the shower for 15 minutes. Keep the door closed to prevent steam from escaping.

Check with the vet to give you proper medication. There are some over the counter that you can use with dogs. A small amount of “Vapor rub” can help a dog congested. Rub a small amount on the dog’s chest and make sure you do not lick the ointment.

Looking for warning signs that the dog needs to go to the vet immediately. If you have trouble breathing, swollen abdomen or develops a hoarse cough, take him to the vet. The first three symptoms can be a sign of heart attack and the latter could indicate a collapsed trachea.

Keep a record of the circumstances or places where the dog starts coughing. You might see a pattern that helps to clearly define the cause. You’ll save money if you remove the source of cough without a visit to the vet.

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