How to train your dog

Train your dog to pick up the newspaper is not difficult as it is large enough to carry in your mouth. Some dogs naturally pick up and carry things and some will never want to do this. If your dog likes to play pick things you can teach him to bring the newspaper.


How to train a dog to pick up the newspaper

Started throwing a newspaper to collect your dog and give it back. Every time you bring it, make a big party, give many rewards and maybe an extra snack. Check that the paper is in the same way that comes to your home, either folded or rolled packing. Do it only in the house to begin.

Train your dog

Throw the newspaper out to the exact spot where you want your dog to pick up. You probably do not want your dog to go beyond your garden to pick it up. If the yard is fenced, ask the person who delivers the newspaper to throw it into the fence. Stay inside the house and throws the newspaper at your dog. Give a great reward when you bring it inside the house .

Use a special word to say to collect the newspaper. Do this every time you cast it and not use it to pick up anything, like tennis balls or toys. Want to associate the word with the newspaper only. Make this a great game for him.

Keep her in the house while you go out and put the newspaper in the garden where he can easily find it. Then let out and tell him collect the newspaper. You just change the rules to not throw it. Now your dog has to go out and find it for yourself. Maybe at the beginning or not and you may have to leave a little with her ​​and show her what you want.

Getting to hide the paper out once you are used to collect it. Make it easy to find and the difficulty gradually increases. Always remember that this is a game you play with your dog. Want to have fun so do not take them too seriously and to not get frustrated if it takes a while to learn this new game.

Use the same word to pick up the newspaper every time. As soon as you understand the game and are well trained to pick up the newspaper outside begin to really send him to pick whenever you deliver the newspaper. Now you have a dog that is trained to go out and get the paper!