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Toy Orka Dental Links

Toy for your dog in the range CHEW “ORKA” specially for your dog,toy developed with the help of animal behaviorists,veterinarians and clinicians for each developmental stage of your dog.This is the perfect toy for chewing and play.Dogs love toys shaking,throwing and resist the fiercest machages!The toy orka dental links combines both flexibility and strength.

-Toy resistant and nontoxic perfect for the game
-Multiple textures of this toy Petstages whet the interest and massage gums while chewing
-Aspect “rubbery” satisfies the desire to gnaw.
-Toy fun with discs that dogs love
-The rigid ring rope helps remove soft tartar during chewing
-A ring diameter: 10 cm

toys for dog

Toy Moppi

The soft,cozy MOPPY toy was designed specifically for puppies and small dogs.This toy is a nice touch and very sweet,perfect for puppies and dogs.Your dog or puppy will not want to part with.

-Puppy Toys ideal for giving hugs
-Toy extremely lightweight and super comfortable soft
-Toy that emits a “pouic” when pressed

Dimension of toy:
16.5 cm

Available colors:
pink or blue

Kong Wubba Toy Friends

A fun toy and clever,ultra-resistant qualities which are recognized worldwide.Quality,softness,strength,fun: we may well describe the new range of soft toys Kong dog.The plush dog toys are perfect for training and educations: they are equipped with a squeaker to draw attention to your dog or puppy.

Friends Wubba Kong plush toys are ultra-resistant for use both indoors and outdoors.Its tail into 4 makes it easy to catch and throw.Friends Wubba Kong are made from plush fabric and reinforced seams and high quality.Toy with squeaker “pouic-pouic” when the pressse.Wubba 3 friends to choose from:

-The Bunny Rabbit

Available in 3 sizes:

SMALL: 25 cm with the tail
MEDIUM: 38 cm with the tail
LARGE: 45 cm with the tail.

The Plush Cow

This new collection of soft,cozy toy was designed specifically for puppies and dogs petis.The toys offer a very nice touch with the teeth because the materials are extremely soft and perfect for puppies and dogs mini.The integrated whistle adds to the fun toy.Your dog or puppy will welcome the presence of his toy and will not want to part with.

-Toy with squeaker
-Machine washable
-Size suitable for mini dog (chihuahua, yorkie …..) and small puppies
-A plush softness
-Size of the cow: 15 cm

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