Tips to know if my dog ​​is pregnant

Tips to know if my dog ​​is pregnant

The pregnancy in dogs can be difficult to detect. A responsible owner should know the signs and symptoms of pregnancy to ensure proper health care. The most accurate way to reveal if your dog is pregnant is to go to the vet because a simple blood test and an ultrasound will give you the answer. However, if your dog is not sterilized and suspect may be pregnant there are some signs and symptoms that can pay attention to answer your question how to know if my dog is pregnant?

One of the ways to tell if your dog is pregnant is to pay attention to your appetite. If you find that in recent weeks your dog does not have appetite and eat only very small amounts, you might be pregnant. If you suspect this is the case, take her immediately to the vet to auscultation your animal and make him closely monitor your pregnancy. The body of bitches also experienced visible changes that can be detected by observing some areas such as the breasts. If you notice are swollen or larger than normal, it may be that your dog is pregnant as the body of the animal is predisposed to breast feed calves with breast milk.

Tips to know if my dog is pregnant

Another way to tell if your dog is pregnant is to pay attention to the behavior showing. If it is usually very active, playful and restless bitch and now detect who is more stop, tired and static you might be pregnant. Anyway, it is advisable that if you see a change in behavior on your animal the doctor because it may be suffering from any disease. Check the size of the belly of your dog to see if swollen is bulkier. This symptom occurs in mid-pregnancy, you may even be able to feel, gently pressing the gut puppies.

Look for signs of nests way your dog is prepared for the birth and subsequent care of the puppies you can scratch the floor or blankets to leave them soft. The process of gestation in bitches lasts two months after mating and when the time comes to give birth, is when the dog begins to search for the ideal place to have her puppies.

If your dog is pregnant, you must take into account a number of specific cares to ensure the health of both her and her offspring. For example, you should take extra care power of a pregnant bitch and take special care in their daily intercourse: bring it to exercise, give much love and visit the vet frequently. We invite you to take your pet to the vet if present any kind of condition or discomfort. To read more articles like how to tell if my dog is pregnant, we recommend you enter our category Pregnancy dog and her puppies.


Seek medical attention from a veterinarian as soon as possible in pregnancy. Your veterinarian can give the best advice to feed and care for a pregnant bitch. If your dog seems to be ill and are not sure if you are pregnant, take her to the vet as soon as possible. Apathy and lack of hunger may mean other problems.