Tips for traveling with dog

A well behaved dog will allow you to enjoy your vacation and your trip.It will remain quiet throughout the journey or in the presence of strangers.It must also be able to walk beside his master even in places very animated or frequented by other dogs.

It is imperative,moreover,it is used to enter and remain in his crate for dog or carrying bag so that there is no problem at departure. One can,to familiarize them with her bag,place it near the spot where he sleeps or near his bowl.It will inspect and safely.If it’s a cage you can try the following experiment: put some food in and then open the door to allow the animal to retrieve it.But beware,for your dog to be confident,never use the crate as a means of punishment.

traveling with dog

If the trip must be made by car and the animal is not accustomed to this mode of transportation,problems could arise upon departure.It is therefore preferable to take a few days before the dog in the car for short trips,ending in a nice place,like a park where he can relax.It will rise more easily in the car afterwards and benefit of the trip,combining it with the prospect of a walk.

Finally it is possible,especially during holidays,your dog should be left alone at the hotel or at another location. Therefore it is used to this kind of situation so that the experience does not prove traumatic.Feed him just before leaving can be a good start to associate your subterfuge.Il a positive event.It also calls for trivializing the outset,to pretend to ignore him until he has calmed down.Anxiolytics should be administered only in limited circumstances and very punctual.

Safety Tips

The following tips will help you enjoy your trip and arrive safely.If traveling by car,you must prevent your dog to come and settle in front,by asking such a net.Another solution is to attach it with a harness that security hangs in the belt buckle and forced him to sit quietly in the back.A dog should not be able to move at will in a car however it is not advisable to put it perfectly in the trunk where it may suffer from claustrophobia and more serious thing to die asphyxiated by the exhaust gases.Finally,his place,while traveling by train or plane,will be in a bag or a carrier.

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