Tips for your dog to meet your needs in one place

Tips for your dog to meet

The fact that the dog does not know how to do his / her needs at the right time and in the right place is usually one of the issues that most concern the owners. When the dog lifts his paw and urine where he does not or there are feces in the house. There are tensions and certain doubts about how to act. The patience, consistency and consistency of the masters are usually essential to speed up the learning process of the dog. Keep reading this article if you want to know how to make your dog do his needs in one place.

Tips for your dog to meet

When we adopt a dog, we get the complete package. We must always remember that it is a living being, not a piece of furniture. You should eat, sleep, do your needs, play, exercise, meet other dogs and people. The whole family must be in full agreement and be responsible. No matter how small the child in the house, from the first day, he must learn to help in the care of the pet, whether it is with the assistance of his parents.

Dogs are not born like cats, with the instinct to know how to make their needs in the right place and at the right time. Their owners have to teach it. Because it is part of a behavior that is not innate in the dog, but fruit of the social norms that will have to get accustomed to living in a human environment.

Patience and constancy are often fundamental for the dog to learn correctly and can take advantage of behaviors that are innate in the animal. Such as wanting to keep the burrow clean the motivation for the dog to receive a reward for doing things right. We must always strive for positive reinforcement and never toward punishment.

Dogs, like wolves, have since puppies an instinctive tendency to leave the burrow to do their needs. In a way they always keep their shelter, clean, to prevent diseases of parasitic origin. In addition, diminish the smell that can give them in front of their enemies. It is precisely this dog instinct that must be exploited to make it his needs away from home.

Why do not dogs do their needs in one place?

It is important that you keep in mind that this problem occurs in puppies older than 6 months (before this age accidents are not considered a problem, but part of the training to do in place), adolescent dogs and adults. The first thing to do is take it to a veterinarian to rule out that your dog may have a physical problem that may be triggering incontinence. An incomplete workout to do in place: Your dog goes to the bathroom in his place when you take him, but if he stays alone or there is any change in the routine, he will do it where he should not.

When owners are at home, they should supervise the puppy as much as possible about the correct way to behave. If the dog needs it in the appropriate place, it must be rewarded with caresses, verbal congratulations and some specific treat for dogs.

The most habitual moments in which the dog will make his needs are after eating and drinking, when waking up or when he finishes playing, so that the exits can be matched with these moments in which the dog is more predisposed to do your needs.



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