Tips to comb a bobtail

Tips to comb a bobtail

The bobtail is named after its short tail, but is also known as an old English shepherd because for centuries it was trained to care for the herds and shepherding the sheep protecting them from predators. As with the coat of all dogs, the bobtail should receive the necessary care to keep it clean, untangled and with a comfortable cut for the animal. You may be led by the somewhat tangled appearance that you have with the naked eye. The hair of this breed also requires arrangement. If you want to know all the tricks to comb a bobtail, keep reading this article from Expert Animal.

Tips to comb a bobtail

Before discovering how to comb an old English shepherd, you need to understand the characteristics of her coat. The typical color of the bobtail varies from gray to gray to white and there are even some with brown areas although this is not the usual. The scruffy appearance of the mantle makes combing it complicated for it easily entangles itself although with discipline it will be easy to keep it tidy. The texture of the hair is rather rough with a wavy shape. Therefore, it is not recommended to shave completely since we would be depriving the animal of its natural protection.

What tools do you need to comb it?

Before beginning the hairstyle, you need to get the ideal utensils for it. Metallic comb with rubber tips no balls. It will only serve to smooth the hairs of the legs around the mouth and the muzzle. Bristle with soft bristles. When combing the old English shepherd is treated we recommend avoiding the use of the card since it will only tear the hair. Also, remember to buy only combs and brushes especially for dogs.

How to comb the old English shepherd

The best thing is to place the bobtail on a table to comb and brush it this way it will be easier to reach all corners of the body and leave no knot in the mantle. It must begin with the body to follow by the legs and finally the head. Before combing spray the blanket with water or dog conditioner to expedite the process and follow these steps.

Use the comb of metallic teeth to comb in the direction opposite to the one that grows the hair to remove all the dead strands and to detect the knots. When you find one try to separate its first with your fingers to finish undoing it with the comb. Be very careful not to hurt the dog when you do. When you have finished combing the whole body legs use the small comb with rubber tips to eliminate knots and smooth on the face ears and snout. Then the fine tooth comb for the genital region.

To finish, take the soft bristle brush to reposition the hair in the direction in which it grows and order it, guiding the hair of the legs the back and the ears out while the chest should be puffed up and down.

After the final brushing, it is recommended to trim the hair that accumulates between the fingers, to facilitate mobility and prevent dirt accumulation. If you notice a lot of hair around the eyes, then choose to trim it a bit or even pick it up in a tail.


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