Tips for buying a pet

buying a pet

Having a dog at home is a lot of responsibility, because you need to go to the vet walks 2 times a day bathrooms, food and especially close attention. If you understand all this and these sure I can give you all this you are ready to buy a pet and that this is part of your family. Before buying a dog you should see your budget because then you have to maintain it. Find out how much you can get to spend monthly on maintaining the dog. You will know if you can keep it or not.

buying a pet

Notice the space of your home, if it is a big house buying a pet breeds big if small buys a small breed dog. The dog needs attention and is not happy if this all the time alone, so you have to take time off to take care of him, to play goes for either a walk or just cuddle. When you are  buying a pet should be greater than 2 months because he needs feeding her mother. Ask that vaccines have, and apply those lacks. The dog is a living being like us and needs a lot of care to grow healthy and balanced. The dog will be your best friend and love you unconditionally.

Up to 3 years, they not know care for the animal, but from the 4 they can and feed (it’ll have to remember). Ideally, the animal does not require excessive attention in buying a pet, a hamster, a rabbit or a fish. In these cases, children can even collaborate with the hygiene of the cages or fish tanks. At 6 years they can take care of a dog, totally seized power. It is recommended that either a small breed. Before taking your pet home, it is important that we be informed about their needs, food, space, vaccines, hygiene and behavior.

* It teaches them about life: reproduction, birth, illness, death and bereavement.

* Generate a link with nature.

* Develop responsible behavior.

* They learn respect for other living things.

* Contribute to improve their social skills.