Detect the fleas, ticks and worms of the dog

Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and sand flies suck blood from the animal, and divert a portion of nutrients at the expense of their host. One or two occasional chips aren’t a danger to a dog in good condition, just like a healthy tick detached within a short period. But the flea-infested dog scratching and irritate his skin to the point that these incessant itching can degenerate into allergy (dermatitis of the dog) or cause an anaemia in a dog young or weakened.

ticks and worms of the dog

How to know if your companion hosts these delicious insects? Spreading hairs of a scratch area or at the base of the tail, you will see fine particles of brown-black, which are flea droppings. Also be aware that the chips are intermediate hosts for tapeworms.

By swallowing a chip, your dog may also ingest a worm ! And make sure that the presence of worms in the stool indicates a flea infestation. Inhabitants herbs and undergrowth, ticks, small brown balls glued to the skin, can cause the death of the dog in one week by destroying its red blood cells (the dog Piroplasmosis) or transmit an inflammatory disease serious (Lyme disease).

The premise of the natural method of control of these pests is that a dog in good health to host only a small number and it can withstand them without problem. Its resistance (and its low power of attraction on parasites) is based primarily on a varied diet, fresh, cornerstone of a strong immunity.