Breeds of dogs “The Staffordshire Bull Terrier”

Magnificent dog of company, and guardian of the home. This dog is really popular among pets. Exceptional with the children of the House, but cannot afford the child abuse. However, some still retain their instincts of fight dog and it may be a problem with other pets. Obedience classes should be started from an early age. You should be to get plenty of exercise.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier originated in the region of Staffordshire of England in the early 19th century of old English bulldogs and several terrier crosses when dog fighting had a great boom. As a result they obtained the aggressiveness and tenacity of the Bulldog paired with the agility and quick reflexes of the Terrier. This breed has been recognized by the British Kennel Club as a pure in 1935 variety, and the American Kennel Club in 1974.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

It is a breed lined, medium-sized but not with square appearance. It is a dog hair smooth, well-balanced and enormous strength for its size with a very strong and solid Constitution with large muscle development and agility movements. The tail, of medium length and low implementation is adelgazada gradually toward the tip. It is traditionally a dog of value and great tenacity. Very intelligent but above all loving and playful, especially with the children to whom she loves.

Black, or Brown and even blue, often with white signs. The most common places for the white spots are the chest and legs.

It has a soft, smooth, dense and short fur that keeps you glued to your body. The purity in his fur is very much appreciates. Sometimes it has white spots and sometimes is not.

Despite its origins or that certain persons calling in southern Lebanon it of aggressive, currently totally changed to be a companion dog and be part of the family. Stays close to humans and they are very faithful and loyal to his master. They are extremely protective towards his family, and are excellent with children. It is better that possesses it someone experienced in order to fulfil the requirements that requires discipline.

To be an almost rustic dog, requires minimal maintenance, brushing to be able to remove dead or fallen hairs is sufficient to maintain their strong hair. It is better to keep it indoors because that if it leaves al fresco and there is lot of heat can acalorar too fast, but the time is not too warm will love walking. Sometimes they can suffer from certain diseases such as cataracts, hip dysplasia, dislocation of the kneecap or epilepsy.

To avoid problems of aggressiveness or it ladre too in the future it requires a dominant owner with a strong character, that teach early socialization and the major orders of obedience. While they can be trained easily ought to be a positive, consistent, patient and firm.

This breed of dog is kept active for the most part of time and to release that energy they need several hours of exercise a day. It is a dog that can change his temperament from one moment to another, why should be very careful about the public walks and walking well assured that is likely to cause any problem. Although it can adapt to the environment of an apartment it will be necessary to provide you with daily exercise, company and mental stimulation.

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