Breeds of dogs “The small Munsterlander”

Around the year 1870 the German Spaniel type dogs, outstanding, with a huge security on the trail were known in Münsterland and which could also recover. In 1906 the poet Hermann Löns along with his brothers began to search for the remains of the so-called “Roten Hannoverischen Heidebracke” (Hanover Prado red Braco). They called him ‘Heidewachtel» (German Spaniel Prado).

The count von Bevervörde – Lohburg and the Master Chief Reitmann of Burgsteinfurt, at the same time achieved the first results with its crianzas. In the following years he began to appear in Westphalia “Dorsterer Schlag”. Then in March 1912 was founded the “Association of small sample dog Münsterländer”. The objectives of the Association were the following: < < the Association is intended to promote the purity and high level of small sample of long-haired dog breeding as it bred in Münsterland decades > >. The lack of characteristics of the breed had a negative influence in raising both the activity of the Association. From the year 1921 he began to breed according to the standard developed by Dr. Friedrich Jungklaus.

The small Munsterlander

Aristocratic and elegant, your body has a structure of size medium, strong and harmonious, balanced proportions. Aristocratic head. With an upright stance, displays the fluid lines of his body and his tail with a flat port. Forelimbs well covered in feathers, hindlimbs with pants with tail showing a marked flag. Its bright hair should be smooth to slightly ondeado, dense and not too long. Their movements are harmonics to well covering the surface.

• The length of the body measured from the tip of the breastbone to the ischium must be greater than the height at the cross as maximum 5 cm.
• The length of the skull from the occipital Protuberance to the stop is equal to the length of the snout from the stop to the truffle.

The small Münsterländer is a smart, good at learning, temperamental and balanced dog. His character is stable; attentive and friendly (suitable for the family) people. Good social relationships and the ability to provision with the Guide (computer skills). Passionate and persevering instinct towards the dam, multiple conditions for hunting as well as temperate nerves and acuity.

His head and expression issued its typicity.
Skull: Aristocratic, dry, flat to slightly domed.
Depression (Stop) naso-frontal: Slightly marked though clearly recognizable.
Truffle: Unicolor, Brown.
Snout: Strong, long, straight nose cane.
Lips:Short, but overlapping, well pigmented – unicolores – Brown.
JAWS / teeth: Large, white teeth. Strong JAWS with a bite in regular and complete scissor in which the incisors close in front of the lower without losing contact and the teeth are placed vertical in the jaws. With 42 teeth according to tooth formula. It allows greater or lesser number of 2xP1.
Cheeks: Well muscular and strong.
Eyes:Size medium, neither protruding nor sunken. As far as possible dark brown. Eyelids well glued to the eyeball covering the conjunctiva.
Ears: Broader, high insertion, well attached to the head; they become pointed in its bottom edge and do not exceed the lip corner.

Its length should be in harmony with the overall appearance, widening something towards the trunk. Very muscular and slightly arched neck. Well tight throat skin.

Top line: Right, bowing slightly.
Back:Strong, with good musculature. The backbone must be covered with muscles.
Lomo: Short, broad and muscular.
Grupa: Long and wide with a slight incline towards the tail and with good musculature. Wide pelvis.
Chest: More profound that you width with a breastbone which reaches as much as possible to the rear. Well arched ribs.
Bottom line and belly:Elegant, it unfolds with a slight arched backward. Dry.

High insertion with a long flag. Its inclusion is strong tweaking then. Long medium. Resting down, moving your port is horizontal and oscillating, not too much above the topline. His last third can be bent slightly upwards


Together: Seen Parallels of rights front and as far as possible. Viewed profile members placed well under the body. The distance from the ground to the elbow should be the same as that of the elbow to the cross.
Shoulders: Well adjusted scapulae, strong muscles. The scapula and forearm form a right angle of approximately 90 °.
Arm: Possible long and well muscled.
Elbow: Glued to the body without turn neither inward nor outward. Arm and forearm form a right angle.
Forearm: Strong bones placed vertically.
Carpal joint: strong.
Metacarpus: Just directed forward.
Previous foot: Round and arched with well together toes and thick, rough and resistant pads without lush hair. Parallel feet both stopped as during the movement without turned neither inward nor outward.

Together: Seen back rights and Parallels. Correct angles of knee and joints. Strong bones.
Thigh:Long, wide and muscular. The pelvis and thigh form a right angle.
Leg: Long, muscular and tendonous.
Articulation of Tarsus: Strong.
Metatarsus: Short, vertical placement.
Rear foot: Round and arched with well together toes and thick, rough and resistant pads without lush hair. Parallel feet both stopped as during the movement without turned neither inward nor outward.

It covers the surface with much drive and corresponding scope. Previous members and subsequent rights and parallel at the same time maintaining a proud attitude. Do not wish a step of amble.

Very adherent, without forming folds.

Thick, medium long, smooth to something ondeado, well glued and waterproof. The contour of your silhouette should not be hidden under a too long hair. The bushy hair must be given the best possible protection against the weather, influences from the ground and to avoid injuries. It is a short, smooth fur. Forelimbs feathered hindlimbs until the articulation of the heel with pants. The tail has a long flag and its tip is white. It is undesirable abundant hair on the chest.

Brown white and Brown Roan with Brown plates – mantle – mottled, allows a white list on the head, are tolerated markings fire on the snout, eyes and around the anus (Jungklaus marks).

Height to the cross: Males: 54 cm.
Females: 52 cm.
Permitted variation in size more or less than 2 cm. (tolerance measures).

Any deviation to the aforementioned criteria is considered missing and the seriousness of it is considered to the degree of
the deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.

(Significant deviations from the standard):
• Structure of the body heavy and coarse bones.
• Notable deviations in the proportions trunk – neck – height to the cross.
• More than 50% of the spotted truffle or flesh-colored.
• Snout tip. Concave nasal bridge.
• Too clear eyes. Bird of prey light yellow eyes.
• Remarkable absence of depth of chest or rib cage too flat or barrel-shaped.
• Elbow articulation strongly rotated outward or inward.
• Inclined Metacarpus.
• Garrón cow or very marked barrel-shaped, both stopped during the movement.
• Separate toes or foot open, flat feet (expired).
• Heavy movement.
• Smooth ears, without hair covering them. Tufts of hair too long or enrulados in the ears.
• Too curly hair.
• Deviations in height more than 2 cm more or less and not more than 4 cm more or less.

• Fear, aggressiveness. Fear of the shot and the dam wild.
• Marked deviations from type according to sex.
Sexual malformations.
• Fully despigmentada truffle.
• All deviations from a correct bite in scissors.
• Greater or lesser number of 2xP1.
• Cleft palate and lips.
• Eyes of bird of prey.
• Ectropion, entropion, distiquiasis (double row of tabs)
• Very strong Chin.
• Clear encarpado back.
• Strongly sunk back. Deformity in the spine.
• Distorted ribcage.
• Broken, wrapped tail or other faults in the queue as e.g. tail too short or too long.
• Unicolor.
• Deviations in height more than +/-4 cm.

Any dog showing clear signs of physical abnormalities or behavior should be disqualified.

Males should be two appear normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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