Breeds of dogs “The Scottish Deerhound”

They were traders Phoenicians that 3000 years ago introduced this dog in Scottish lands.

He became the favorite breed of the chiefs of the clans of the Highlands of Scotland, sharing the game with them and resting in their homes at night.

With the passage of time and her invention of the rifle with bedroom, made fall into disuse at this hound for the hunts. Today it is a popular pet.

Westminster Dog Show

General characteristics:
It has a strong resemblance to the Greyhound, dog very gentle and tolerant. Elegant and quiet, although it may seem intimidating, is a great companion for the smallest of the House.
Rather coarse coat, you should brush daily in order to avoid the fall of the same.

Slow learning, not loves obedience exercises, so it is recommended to start at an early age. It is important to exercise much. Ideal for homes with land. With this dog jogging lovers are in luck that they will be a few excellent companions for the practice of this sport. They love running and jogging.

Dark grey, grey mottle, bluish grey, Red Lion, rojo-arena, yellow.

Hard and dry the body with a medium length, longest in the area of the head, stomach and chest, fringed in the later parts of their limbs.

Elongated and broad between the ears. Black truffle.
Snout with a beard and generous moustache. Stop almost imperceptible. Eyes are medium sized and dark or light brown.
-Set ears small high collected back, lift them when the dog pay attention.

Long, covered with abundant hair and lacking in Chin.

Dorsum slightly arched, retracted belly.

Previous tips:
Legs wide and flat, with the retracted shoulder.

Athletic and muscular.

Long, slightly curved low implementation and with abundant hair.

From 11 to 12 years.

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