How to be sure of the age of the puppy that you buy?

Not to be mistaken on theage of a puppy, just to know different teeth release dates; age can be estimated accurately up to 7 months, time at which the final mouth is full.

The benchmarks for determining the age of the puppy
-Milk teeth: at the puppy canines appear at 21 days, incisors erupt to 25 days (corners), 28 days (terraced) and 30 days (clips). The molars emerge from the third to the fifth week.

the age of the puppy

-It then examines the wear of the teeth. Pliers level at 45 days, terraced at 3 months, the corners at 4 months.

-Permanent teeth: the eruption takes place at 4 months for grippers, 4.5 months for terraced houses, at 5 months for canine and corners and between 6 and 7 months for molars. At 7 months, the dog has all his teeth.

These indications will help you not to buy an older puppy shown on paper.