Why the puppies when they play bite everything?

All puppy likes biting and chewing, is part of his world and not you can avoid it, as well as jump and play, you spend much time biting something, it is a way of learning how to use her mouth as most important hunting tool.

This activity also makes with the House members, mainly with children with which plays all the time, but as their tooths are milk (temporary dentition), this primary dentition is characterized by teethsharp s that can produce injuries in children and other lacerations. There are several methods that are used to eliminate this behavior:

the puppies

Holding the mouth shut

This method is the simplest, is to take the mouth and keep it closed, without pressing too, the puppy dislike you this situation and start to moan feeling uncomfortable, hold your mouth closed for a few seconds. Without causing pain. Wait 4 to 5 seconds and then have to drop it. There is no that tell you nothing and continue with the task I was doing, every time you want to bite it does the same thing and in a few sessions, relate the fact bite with the take the mouth and will no longer it do.

It is recommended to do children, because they may like you take the mouth to the puppy as a form of entertainment and then they cannot incite to which the animal bite to make the mouth, thus can hurt them or hurting the puppy.

Rapid response and redirection

It is to emit a sound of “pain” in strong and acute form can be! ayy!, the sound must be sudden and strong so the puppy sobresal you and immediately stop the conduct, if it has been properly, the puppy will stop biting surprised, then quickly give a ball or toy that he can chew. This redirects the conduct towards the element will we manage to make it bite, thus the animal learns to bite the toy everytime we give the command when you want to bite us, in some cases this methodology excites even more the puppy, in this case there is to try another form of education.

Stop action

Everytime you bite, you have to go immediately on his side and leave it alone, this can be effective with children, since the puppy relate everytime it bites they leave alone, losing game teammates and it will no longer be so much fun.

No matter which method is used, but not is should encourage the puppy to bite causing it with hands or doing games such as towing it lit with his tooths in any fabric or stick should be encouraged that you bite their own toys

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