How to calculate when the puppies will be born

You have much to do before your dog has puppies. You must give the diet healthier you can provide and must take her to the vet regularly to make sure the pregnancy is progressing normally. You also need to prepare a place for your dog to have her puppies and learn everything you can about canine childbirth, possible complications and what to do to help your dog to give birth to their pups. How much time do you have to do? Need to know to calculate the approximate date of birth. Need best tips on how to train your puppy or dog?  We help you understand and build a routine to help with your puppy’s potty training at home.

the puppies




Write the date on a calendar mating if the meet. Canine pregnancy usually lasts about 63 days (9 weeks) from the date of ovulation and it occurs during the mating period, although it may be difficult to pinpoint.



See if you see signs of pregnancy to make sure you are pregnant. An increase in appetite can occur in approximately four weeks. Take her to the vet 25 to 28 days after mating and ask the vet to palpate the abdomen of a bitch or do an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.




Account 58-71 days after mating. Since you can not specify the exact date of ovulation, this is the time range in which you can make your dog to her puppies. Delivery can occur anytime during this period of two weeks, so plan to take time off work and make the necessary preparations.



Take your dog to the vet if the puppies are not born after 71 days or if you start giving birth, but can not give birth to puppies 6-12 hours. Also take it if you think you have not delivered all her puppies, but has not given birth to none in four hours.