Breeds of dogs “The Norwegian Elkhound”

Already in the stone age the Elkhound walked the Earth. Found archaeological remains of similar dogs dated between 5,000 and 4,000 years BC.

Its existence has survived a Millennium in his native Scandinavia, where I have used it for hunting, especially for moose hunting or the White bear.

Endowed with a magnificent smell you can smell their prey away, crawls and ladra to call the attention of his master and can locate it and charge to the piece.

The Norwegian Elkhound

He exhibited for the first time in 1877, at the moment at which the Association of hunters Norwegians began to hold exhibitions. Little by little this breed has been recognized by the various associations; the British Fuchotaid club, the British Club Kennet…

He was taken to England and America by polar explorers, having enough success among the population for its good-natured character and beauty. It is a good companion dog that adapts easily to all kinds of weather.

General characteristics:
Compact and robust dog of medium size. Of much resistance for hunting bear all kinds of circumstances and inclement. There are two varieties in this breed, differing primarily by the color of the coat and the size that a will be smaller than the other grey and black.

Black, grey or with different tonalities that vary between these two colors.

Internal mantle compact, woolly and resistant to the cold. External mantle abundant, hard and resistant to moisture.

Provided the body is broad and shaped wedge with a well defined stop. Pointed and raised high implantation triangular ears. Eyes are dark brown of lively and friendly expression.

Strong and compact with abundant hair

Square and robust forelimbs straight and the subsequent strong and with good musculature.

Folded on the back, with abundant hair, high implantation.

From 12 to 15 years.

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