The neurotic dog

Many dogs are clear signs of neurosis in his behavior, are dogs with certain hobbies, arriving to become intractable and produce the natural concern on their owners, who in vain resort to all kinds of techniques to correct these defects.

Neurotic behaviors more frequent in dogs are as follows:

Biting habit
Why occurs this habit?. The dog bites to protect what he considers that you belongs only to him, because you know that so it might to impose its will, or fear.
In this case, the conduct to be followed, is the negative condition the animal when he is beaten without reason.

The neurotic dog

Demóstrandole can not with you, screaming it in vigorously and if necessary, with a rolled newspaper strongly hit the floor next to him, without hitting him, but the noise scared, to show who is in charge at all times.

With respect to the others, gets used to his dog treatment with friendly people. It is very useful that they come you some candy or other food that you like best and talking gently. Thus deemed them friends rather than enemies how them looked previously.

Persecution of vehicles
The dog chases cars, motorcycles and bicycles, because it relates the movement of these elements of transport with the flight, so it runs them. It is exactly the same stimulus that occurs with the cat. The dog not hates the cat by nature, as he is commonly believed, but the flight of the same encouraged him to pursue it, as the first reaction of the feline to the dog, is escape.
To avoid and correct these persecutions after the vehicles, there is more to break that relationship which establishes the dog between the movement and the flight. Recourse to a strange for the dog and its auto friend when the dog pursues it slow down sharply, get out and reprimand the animal, the dog will be amazed, because never before had reacted a driver in this way.

Urinating over when someone comes
This circumstance occurs in cases where the animal is very happy. The behavior must be corrected from puppy, because if not will be extremely difficult to correct later.
In this case, it must avoid stroking it and bending over to play with him, because this can become a constraint that triggers urination, when be repeated on subsequent occasions.

Fear of certain situations
An extreme fear they produce certain dogs, unknown situations. This corrects forcing the animal to stay with the triggering agent of that fear, so it shows you that things don’t have to frighten him. When the dog interpret it that way, the problem will be over.
There are many other behaviors of neurotic type among the dogs, but the list would be very long. We have tried to reflect in brief form the most common and views by all those who have or had dogs.
We must remember that we must impose our will on the dog and show him where he can do whatever he wants, the dog must be clear who is who sends and who obeys.

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