The necklace dog

One of the implements, almost obliged, the environment of the dog as a pet, is and necklace. [Use back to the primitive civilizations that adorned the dogs with this article by a sense of ownership that characterized unequivocally to every owner dog and a merely practical function allowing easy attachment of] copy preventing him attack a stranger not hostile or a domestic animal.

Speculates on the primitive function of the necklace, well than functional or distinctive property, with various theories throughout the history of man and the dog was a parallel development to the selection and registration of different dog breeds.

The necklace dog

Necklaces of defense: dogs pastors, mastiffs, and other races of nursery and defense, They adorn them with wide necklaces of leather tanning and smooth with metal spikes. The width of the collar is usually large enough to protect the most vulnerable area of the animal, the throat, with a view to a defense to the eventual fight that could sustain the dog against Wolves or other wild animals.

Copies of a quarrelsome and aggressive nature are used in necklaces reversible defense or “punishment” fit to protect the animal from other little tolerant congeners and allow its picador not being “dragged” by the Fiery can, that giving back to the implement they oppress the throat of the dog preventing the classic jerks.

Identification necklaces: Usually consist of leather straps with a buckle of steel that fits so strong but loose around the neck of the animal. They carry a sheet of metal is recorded where the dog name and telephone number of the owner, that allow a quick identification in case of loss or accident. They also usually have a ring or ring that allows to attach it to a chain or strap.

Anti-parasitic necklaces: They mainly consist of strips of material plastic or rubber, porous, impregnated with a volatile insecticide substance that expands around the animal’s body, killing the fleas and ticks which already has the animal and forming a halo protective every time you move the animal, preventing the approximation of fleas, ticks and other parasites external s.

Metal necklaces of epoque: Especially suitable for copies of Defense of short hair breeds: boxer, Doberman, great Dane, etc. They consist of rounded links and a sheet in which the essential identification data can be recorded. Subject to the string shortens, on the neck of the dog, proportional pressure to pull the animal, thus enabling a training forced in the facet of the promenade with strap. They are also irreplaceable for copies of sensitive skin, which can suffer some kind of dermal irritation or alopecia due to the use of the classic leather or nylon collars.

Notice necklaces: They are used with rattles or bells, which unequivocally indicate the presence of the animal. Very useful for small breeds: pinscher dwarf Chihuahua terrier miniature, etc., that enables them to locate hearing avoiding stomps of unforeseeable consequences for these miniature breeds.

Also serve to hinder the predatory efficiency of “hunters” dogs that may be free in a garden warning prey squirrels, rabbits, etc., fleeing to perceive the “Jingle”.

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