Breeds of dogs “The Hamilton Stovare”

In the 16th century they were already known in his native Sweden, as it has happened with other races, they were exclusive dogs for hunting of royalty until 1789.

At the end of the 18th century they were allowed to have people out of the field for to use it in the hunt. The Hound Hamiltong is a mixture of English Foxhound, Hanoverian Haidbracke, Holstein Hound and Courlander Hound.

The Hamilton Stovare

Provided that the owner cares about the needs of the dog, how to get him to give good walks, he is considered a good pet.
It is a dog of good resistance and great strength of well-proportioned Constitution, his hair will always be tricolour.

Tricolor. The upper part of the neck, back and sides of the trunk and tail are black. On the head, ears and limbs, as well as the sides of the neck, trunk and the tail will be Griffon, this color will vary depending on the issue, and may vary from Golden to the brown reddish hue. The white color will be visible at the top of the snout, upper and lower part of the neck, chest and tip of the tail.
It will also be the white at the bottom of the limbs and feet.

Skull: Abombado and some bandwidth.
Stop: Defined, but not too much markup.
Truffle: Must be always black, with large holes.
Lips: Thin upper and rounded but not hang too much.
Muzzle: Long, strong and rectangular. With both the back of the head proportional distance to the stop and the stop to the tip of the nose.
Cheeks: They do not Excel.
JAWS and teeth: bite in scissors. Strong teeth.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Ears: Rather high implantation, lifted them slightly when attentive. They hang on the cheek.

Long and strong. With the flexible and well attached skin.

Cross: Well defined.
Back: Straight and strong.
Lomo: Musculoso and a small tonnage.
Grupa: With a slight tilt.
Chest: Deep, long and well proportioned. Arched ribs.
Bottom line and belly: with the latter slightly retracted.

Implementation in the same line of the back. Fairly wide at its base, it will be losing thickness as you go closer to the tip.

With the bones strong, fully provided with the overall appearance. They are straight and parallel.
Shoulders: Long, with muscles and well placed backwards. Glued to the body.
Arms: Long, at right angles.
Elbows: Close to the body but are not visible below the chest.
Metacarpus: Slightly stems.
Previous feet: oval and closed form.

In subsequent vision are strong and parallel.
Thighs: With muscles developed.
Knee: With.
Metatarsus: Short and straight.
Feet: Similar to the previous ones, if appear Spurs is recommended to remove them.

Height of the cross:
Male: 53-61 cm. The ideal will be 57 cm.
Female: 49-57 cm. The ideal 53 cm.

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