The education of the dog

There are several types of education : strict, lax and, in between, a mixture of flexibility and firmness. Education depends on the character of the master (an authoritarian character will be tempted by a strict education), its way of life (House or apartment, for example), environment (presence of children or not), the character’s race (some are obedient by nature) and personal puppy. In any event, the dog training is an essential step.

One of the highlights of family education is that it can be done at any time of the day… or almost! Indeed, should the animal be ‘available. ‘ It must be responsive to the information that you will give it. If you for example take it out to teach him walking on a leash, do especially not interrupt its NAP.

The education of the dog

Must make you feel ‘open’ uncomfortable. It should be noted that this is the case of a dog that bears the head, erect ears, the tail is horizontal and is content to learn something from you. If your animal is in a position of submission, if “a head”, see the ‘lesson’ in a few moments or replace confidence.

The constance
Second rule to remember: Start education immediately. The masters are often afraid to bother their puppy from the first days, then the animal do what he wants. Then, deciding the day J arrived, they change their behavior and pose all kinds ofprohibitions. The dog is lost and does not include this new situation. Education should begin the day of the acquisition of the animal. The first fundamental concept is that of points of the dog.

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