Why the dog lame around your anus?

The dog can lick around his anus by different causes:
* Disease of the gland annals
This disease is one of the most common reasons a dog lamer under the tail. Dogs and cats have two gland anal s (also called anal bags) on each side of the anal opening, inside have a dense liquid similar to a thick oil , play a role of lubrication and also identification between dogs (why you smell the tail when they are), these glands can not empty normally or they can become infected. The animal often lamer the area to try to relieve pressure on the glands.

Some dogs trail seated on the ground “in the form of sledging” to try to empty them, objective that at times they achieved with this maneuver, but if they do not it should be the query so that the veterinarian do it manually and thus avoid a more severe after infection .

dog lame

* Gynecological disease or not in bitches
The Parris lamer an the vulgar area when they are in estrus , also lamer an that area if they have a uterine infection ( pyrometer ) ).
Some females develop virginities which can cause a purities (itching) intense. Another reason that a female can lick her vulva is when it is in the process of delivery .

* Fleas
The fleas are in the base of the tail (where the tail joins the body). Dogs with fleas may lick or chew that site.

* Parasites
Occasionally, a dog lamer the anal area if you have worm intestinal s. However, most of the dogs with parasites, does not present this behavior.

* Normal hygiene
Dogs may lick the area as a normal process of hygiene. If you notice that the dog is lame too, it should be to the veterinarian.

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