Initiative – Stops the Dog Control

It is a nuisance for many dog owners. Which is in Austria and in almost all German local tax levied dogs or at least their height often perceived as unfair. To help change this situation has now a campaign “Stop the dog tax” was founded. Initiators of this action to abolish the dog tax are dogs DOGS magazine, the German Animal Protection Association, the Association of the German Kennel Club and the animal protection organization TASSO.

Dog Control

The first objective of this campaign is, according to the initiators of the unfairness of the tax investigate and gather votes against the controversial special tax. The collected votes to submit the initiators of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, thus supporting the present action of a lawyer here, since the tax was not consistent with applicable law.

Here are some arguments that are made against the dog license to the field: Germany and Austria are among the few countries in which dog owners in this way to the checkout to be asked. Countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Denmark have already abolished the dog tax.

Another argument: The dog tax is socially unfair burden on one side and the dog owners: All other species such as cats, horses, reptiles should be kept free of tax. Also: As the dog license must not be used for specific purposes, it is an unfair tax on luxury goods: they only serve to increase the municipal revenues. Unlike commonly believed to dog owners for their dues not be expected to clean sidewalks or freewheel zones to be established. That the dog licenses financially quite a lot of weight, the following figures: In Bavaria alone, the 2,000 municipalities in 2010 took about 22 million €. Nationwide, there were some € 258 million together.

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