The dog at home alone

Your puppy will realize sooner or later you’re gone! So here alone. The situation is complicated.

To pass the time
It is necessary to begin with, let alone for very short times so he understands that you always come back. This is very important for puppies who lived in a hut and were sometimes abandoned. They are perhaps not the difference between five minutes and half an hour but they still some notion of time passing. You can, for the first time, leave it alone for 2 hours.

The dog at home alone

It may be useful to leave the first time on television or radio on. These visual stimuli and sound can sometimes mitigate the feeling of destitution due to silence. But this technique is controversial: some experts believe that the fact to the radio shows the puppy that we will leave and cause anxiety.

You can then connect it before you leave (try and see how your dog reacts). You can also give him bones rawhide chews and ” toys “for the deal. Some dogs need to consider useful to feel good. The role of the easiest to give them is the goalkeeper. So you can leave the puppy an object (no value) is yours to keep: a bag, a sweater …

Do not enclose the unusual animal in a room, in order to limit the damage. Certainly it is tempting to leave it in the bathroom because, before he destroys the sink, it will take time. But this confinement is very misunderstood by your pet, which will consider it as a punishment which he knows the cause. The sense of injustice is also in dogs.

Conversely, it is not necessary to open the doors of the garden or balcony that has more space. The risk of accidents is certain. In addition, the dog may be excited by the passage of people or animals out and barking, then he would not have done inside.

Your return
The advantage of short absences expectancy is minimal damage. This is not always the case, some puppies being a “skill” and speed copies in the art of destruction!

You are happy to find, too. This is good, but your return must not be exaggerated into effusions every time. Try to contain your excitement and pet your dog when he regained his composure. You can unleash your learning spills when solitude is completed. Otherwise, the dog, hoping that you will come back and make the party will “prepare” and get in condition. Then he will get angry, take a shoe and chew … and thus damage begin!

Any damage
It is absolutely necessary to keep you punish the dog if damage has occurred. Admittedly, it is sometimes very hard to remain calm when the chair style is completely shredded. The punishment will relieve you, but will be of no efficacy for the future. Indeed, the dog will associate it with your return, not his mistakes, and fear reactions occur at each of your returns: fugues, defecation … (In fact, the dog can not understand punishment “delayed “.)

Simply ignore the dog. Do not put everything in order in its absence. You will get very good results with positive education. Ago damage: we ignore the dog for an hour. There is no damage: we congratulate thoroughly respected but after a rest: put your business, then turn to him and praise him.

The moment of “rest” can not associate the reward with your return but his good behavior. This is done after very short absences, he does well to the immediate relation between your hugs and good behavior.

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