Holidays: the dog and the car

Curve going, climb comes… the dog, dizzy, had vomited on the back seat, and everything is dirty. The car is his worst enemy, and the entire family is startled with the mere idea of traveling with him. What to do?

Luckily once the animal has grown accustomed to stay inside the car in motion, everything will go well. However, there are certain animals that develop a true phobia to cars, bus, etc. These fears are normally due to bad experiences, and the worst of all is the dizziness causing them to stay inside a vehicle in motion.

dog is my best friend

Dogs under one year are quite sensitive and just a slight back and forth so that they start to stun it and barber is.

At the beginning these symptoms are imperceptible, however, as time passes and increases the speed of the car, the evils are accentuated, and can stay after completed the trip. He is generally believed that not give them water or food before and during the journey will prevent dizziness. However, it is not so; the animal happen it equally badly, although it not so dirty the car in case of vomiting. The ideal is to have recourse to the veterinarian, because there are certain tablets or liquids that decrease the effects of travel.

Goal: Lose the fear

It is important that the animal to lose fear as soon as possible, getting into the car. We will give you food that he likes in the car off, and this way he will investigate every nook of the car. This is advisable to repeat several times until you account that there is nothing to fear. When the dog appears quiet take it short strolls to be made increasingly more long. It should be also alternate short with walks walks, so that associated the car with nice things, and not only visits to the vet.

Tips for traveling safely

Do not start-up without that dog has not made their needs

Stop every 2 or 3 hours so that the animal is a little stretch

If the journey is long, you reassure him eat something every 4 or 5 hours

Caution not to allow the animal to travel with the head out of the window

Carry always the membership of the national veterinary network card to make sure the coverage in the Uruguay.

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