How are the spots of urine on the carpet cleaned?

Wrong is trying to clean them with water and SOAP or another cleaner the ammonia or bleach (have ammonia or sodium hypochlorite substances in the urine), which they must halfway cleaned and enmascararán the smell or will increase the smell in the worst of cases, but not eliminate it, the dog to have a more sensitive than ours smells you will perceive the smell of his own urine and will stimulate it to urinate again.

The correct way to clean them is to put on the fresh stain absorbent or daily paper, a dry cloth or sanitary pebbles (they are highly absorbent), once managed to absorb all the liquid possible, must be sprayed with commercial products that contain bacteria alive and specific enzymes that produce a digestion and destruction of the rest, eliminating in this way, the smell of urine.


These natural microorganisms really, “eat everything” by removing the deepest fibers of the carpet the molecule smell s, thus is removed definitively the “aroma” that stimulates the dog to urinate again in place.

In addition to the odor eliminators, these products contain mild cleaners to help remove the bleaching and restore the carpet fibers to their original state, leaving a pleasant scent.

Yes the patch is already dry, products above is already aren’t as useful, needed more aggressive digestive bacteria and enzymes , also there are strong products that must cleaned correctly, although it is suggested a second application within 24 hours.

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