Breeds of dogs “The Buhund Norwegian”

It was in the year 874 with Norwegian settlers to Iceland, where the local breed originated. His name literally means dog.

General characteristics:
Its morphology is catalogued as spitz type, but its size is a bit smaller than dogs of these features. Courageous character, it is obedient, loyal to its owner and always willing worker.

The Buhund Norwegian

It is not a dog for the cities that he loves open spaces and the field. If we have a House with a small piece of land bounded, the dog will be satisfied and quiet keeping the House. It has a smell and a view unbeatable.

Chestnut reddish, brown or black.

Short, smooth. Woolly inner mantle.

With triangular ears and high implantation it keeps them upright.
Snout short and sharp. Marked stop and with dark brown eyes of vital and courageous expression.

Size medium and thin.

Light, with rounded thorax, the line of the spine is straight, but with a slight tilt as we are approaching the tail.

Previous tips:
Thin but strong legs.

Strong and well proportionate.

High with dense hair and coiled implementation to the side.

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