Breeds of dogs “The Bourbonnais Braco”

The Borbonesado Braco is already known in 1598 (Natural history of Aldovrandi – National Library). The ancient describe him as a pleasant fellow Hunter, of rustic appearance and health. Their white fur is complete and finely mottled Brown or fawn. Breeders of the 1930s have sought to impose a color “Purple fade” and that dog necessarily born with short tail. This severe selection has endangered the existence of the race.

In the 1970s, a group of breeders has established itself as mission the survival of the Borbonesado Braco. The current state of the race allows us to look to the future with confidence.

The Bourbonnais Braco

Type bracoide of short hair, medium-sized lines and short members, well provided, compact and muscular. Medium-sized, it gives an impression of robustness and strength which did not exclude certain elegance. The female has a less burly and more elegant silhouette.

The length of the trunk is equal to or slightly greater than the height at the cross. The height of the chest is equal to or slightly higher than the half of the height at the cross. The length of the muzzle is slightly less than the skull.

Home is sweet and affectionate. During the hunt, his passion and his intelligence let you adapt easily to the land and more varied hunting. Search course high emanation and shows have a useful and accurate aptitude for the sample.

The main racial characteristic is what is known as “pear shape”. It is neither too light nor too heavy, but in proportion to the body.

The skull is rounded in all its parts. The side faces are rounded, the parietal and cigomáticas arches are well developed. The axes of the skull and nasal caño are parallel or very little divergent towards the front. The naso-frontal depression is moderately pronounced.

Truffle: Wide, wide open Windows. Sometimes exceeds the verticality of the lips. Its colour is according to the coat without spots with depigmentation.
Snout: Large and wide at the base, decreases slightly towards the tip, forming a coniferous trunk. In females, it is a little less wide.
Nasal pipe: Straight or slightly arched.
Lips: They aren’t too thick, the upper lip covers the lower without forming a remarkable fold in the corners. The edge of the lips are well pigmented.
JAWS: Powerful, uniform length. The teeth is complete and the joint is in the form of scissors. In the form of clamp joint is accepted.
Eyes: Large, rather round hazelnut color or dark amber, according to the colour of the fur. The look is expressive, sweet and intelligent. The edge of the eyelids is well pigmented.
Ears:Of medium length, you can reach the throat or exceed it slightly. Its rather wide base is situated in the line of the eye-level or a little higher up, which is appreciated. They fall naturally over the cheeks, horizontally or slightly bent.

It is not too long. It is muscular, loose, harmoniously binds to the shoulders. We accept a slight double chin.

Top margin: Straight, good firm. The cross is well marked.
Back: Well muscular and firm.
Lomo: Short, wide and muscular, well attached to the back. It is a bit longer in females.
Grupa: Slightly rounded it oblique, powerful muscles.
Chest: Wide, long and high. It reaches the tip of the elbow or her exceeded slightly. The sternum extends as much as possible to the rear. The ribs are well arched. The elevation of the abdomen is progressive. The flat flank is little high.

Some dogs are born tailless. Otherwise, the tail is cut off at the base. Its inclusion is a bit low. In countries where the caudectomía is prohibited by law, the long tail is due, in static, below the top margin.


In general: Good muscular. From the front, good heaviness.
Shoulders: Pining oblique, well attached to the chest wall. The muscles are strong and apparent.
Arm: Rather long and muscular.
Elbows: Well glued to the body, but not together. They not deviate inward or outward.
Forearm: Straight, muscular, corpulent, although not coarse bones.
Wrist: Solids.
Metacarpos: Very little inclined, in relation to the forearm.
Previous foot: In the axis of the body. Round or spoon-shaped. The bearings are solid and resistant, fingers together and arched, strong nails.

In general: Corpulent bones, with a well apparent muscle mass. Views from the back, good heaviness and parallel.
Thighs: Long, well formed and well bent.
Alligators: Strong, with a good angulation between the thigh and the leg.
Feet: Muscular, visibly equal to the thigh length.
Hock: Well bent, solid and well layered.
Metatarsals: Vertical and solid, without deviation.
Rear foot: Identical to the striker.

Striding of medium breadth. During the hunt, the step is a gallop sustained, balanced and agile.

Elastic, without being very thin; without folds.

Fine, dense, and short. A little thicker, and sometimes, a little longer on the back. On the head and ears should be thinner and shorter.

The white patches are well spread, finely mottled Brown (former name: dregs of wine) or tawny color interspersed (former name: flower of peach) in all its variations. The ears are generally the base color, mottled in greater or lesser degree. Also accepts the intrinsic blend of white hairs and color, which imparts a ruano set. Both in the head, and the rest of the body, only few and little extended color areas are allowed.

La cruz height: males: 51-57 cm
Females: 48 to 55 centimeters
Accepts a tolerance of + or – 1 inch

Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing, and the seriousness of it is considered to the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.

Joint longuilíneo.
Too long or too bent.

General heavy construction or has thin bones.
Rough set.
Head disproportionate in relation to the rest of the body.
Snout pointed and shrunken. Too prominent lips,
forming a square muzzle.
Eyes too clear.
Fur too extended areas of color. Spots very
notable in the head.
Size that departs from the standard (+ or – 2 centimeters).

Dog aggressive or fearful.
Convergence of the skull and facial lines towards the front.
Visibly arched nasal pipe.
Upper or lower prognathism with loss of contact of the
Incisive arcade deviated.
Internal diversion of the xiphoid Appendix.
Presence of spurs or traces of ablation.
Any indication of black (hair or truffle).
Black and thick hairs.
Completely white fur. Any color that not
corresponds to the standard.
Size that departs from the standard (+ or – 3 centimeters).

Any dog that present clear signs of physical abnormalities or behavior will be disqualified.

Males must submit two appear normal testicles fully descended in the scrotum.

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