Breeds of dogs “The Border Collie”

As all dogs border, its location find borders, location of this race is between England and Scotland.

It is believed that you reached the British Isles between the centuries V and BC, accompanying communities Celts traveled across Europe and settled by the Ireland.

They later moved to Scotland where arose the Highland Collie breed, and this race is that resulted, with the passage of time, the Border Collie.

It was developed to be able to work for days on end and in the most difficult terrain.

The Border Collie

General characteristics:
It is a dog that keeps their most primitive instincts still alive, supports evil authoritarianism, if you try to punish to teach not nothing will be achieved and its cheerful and active character will go off little by little.

Requires a strong physical exercise if it is a dog living in the city, the long walks are essential and equally important field careers.
The ideal zone for that live is without doubt, the field and the large areas with animals to pasture, his favourite hobby.

Endowed with exceptional intelligence, educator and psychologist Stanley city, situated to the Border Collie as number one in functional intelligence and obedience.

There are two varieties in this race:
Moderately long.
With the inner layer soft and dense that protects it from the weather. The outer layer is abundant hair smooth and silky.

All keys are supported but without that prevails the white.

Rather wide skull with a well marked stop, pointed snout with black truffle, except copies of brown color which can be the same color.

Athletic, wide and muscular loin. The body is slightly longer than the height measured to the cross.

Previous tips:
Parallel legs together. With the bones strong but not heavy.

Broad and muscular. Long and strong thighs.

Moderately long introduction low, with long hair.

12 years approximately.

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