Breeds of dogs “The Basenji”

Originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Dog very appreciated for its ability of tracking, agility and be a good Hunter, lived with the Pharaohs of the old Egypt. In 1937, it will be quite late, which will enter in England helping to spread the European continent.

General characteristics:
Dog delgado, highest bandwidth, elegant porte.
The most remarkable feature of the breed is that it is a dog that does not ladra. Only emits a sort of howling or singing.
Independent, intelligent and affectionate nature.
Recommended for families without children, but having them, it shows a polite and patient with them.
If leave you only in long periods will be displayed destructive things that are at your fingertips.
It behaves in a reserved way in front of strangers.
The Basenji should be trained from puppy, which is a pretty stubborn dog.

The Basenji

Marron-Blanco, black (white must be in chest legs and tail).There also are a single color. Black, white or any chestnut.

Short, bushy but silky.

Flat and well trained, the lateral lines will decline proportionally, as we are approaching the snout.
In a curious way, form you a few wrinkles in a time of upheaval the ears on the front, in the puppies will be a little more acuciada way.
Their eyes will have an oblique provision, will be dark and ripped with a penetrating gaze. They have a clear vision in the medium distances, unlike any of their peers.
The ears are small, pointed with the auricular Pavilion with a tendency to vascular slightly forward.

Strong and very proportionate length with the rest of the body.

Front extremities:
Straight legs with well aligned elbows with ribs

Hind limbs:
Muscular, with well-angled joints.

Short loin, with arched ribs and chest depth.

High birth.

Curiosities of the race:
They have a scent other than their peers.
As a measure of hygiene, they tend to lick the hair to groom.

11 to 12 years.

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