Breeds of dogs “The Barbet”

This is a very old, common breed in all France, used for hunting smaller and described or mentioned in several works from the 16th century.

Size and medium lines. It is characterized by a dense and woolly fur that provides effective protection against the cold and wet. The hair forms a beard on the Chin, which has given name to the race.

The Barbet

I muzzle slightly shorter than the skull.
The length of the body, measured from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttock, is slightly greater than the height at the cross.

Balanced, very attached to their masters, very sociable, loving in the water, still very cold.

The hair of the skull must fall to the nasal pipe. The beard is long and abundant; the moustache covers all the nasal pipe and is well abundant.

Skull: Redondeado and bandwidth.
Depression naso-frontal: marked.

Truffle: Wide, wide open Windows. His color is black or Brown, depending on the color of the coat.
Snout:Well square. The nasal barrel is wide.
Lips: Thick, well pigmented, fully covered with long hairs. The edge of the lips is black or brown.
JAWS / teeth: Jaws of uniform length. Articulation in the form of scissors. Strong teeth. The incisors are well developed and well aligned.
Eyes: Round, preferably dark brown. The edge of the eyelids is black or brown.
Ears: Low inclusion (at the height of the eye or slightly below) long, flat, wide, with long hairs that form Wicks. When he takes them to the front of the truffle, they surpass it in about 5 cm (with hair). The cartilage of the ears goes beyond the corner of the mouth.

Short and powerful.

Back: Solid, the top margin is well strong.
Lomo: Convex, short and strong.
Grupa: Profile rounded, harmoniously extending the line of the back.
Chest: Wide, well developed, high, descends to the level of the elbow. The ribs are rounded, but not abarriladas.

Slightly lifted, exceeds the horizontal when the dog is in action. Insert low, forming a slight hook at the tip.


Shoulders: Oblique. Escápulo-humeral angle varies between 110 and 115 degrees.
Arm: Thick and muscular.
Forearm: Straight, strong bones, well poised, completely covered in long hairs.

Thighs: Slightly oblique, well formed.
Hock: Under well layered.
Metatarsals:Well aplomados.

Round, wide, covered with hair.

Agile steps, the members move in the axis of the body. Medium extension after previous and good tips.

Relatively thick.

Long, woolly, enrizado, can form Wicks. It is abundant, covering the entire body in its natural state. This is an essential characteristic of the breed. The Barbet may groom in a specific way to facilitate his work and the maintenance of his hair.

Unicolor black, grey, Brown, Fawn, Sandy, white or with some different color patches. We accept all the nuances of the Griffon and the color sand. Preferably, the hue must be the same on the entire body.

La cruz height: males: 58 to 65 cm
Females: 53-61 cm
With a tolerance of + or – 1 centimeter.

Any deviation from the above criteria is considered as a lack and the seriousness of it is considered to the extent of the deviation to the standard and its consequences on the health and welfare of the dog.
Head thin and narrow, thin and too long, nasal pipe thin lips.
Upper or lower prognathism. Deviated jaw.
Clear eyes.
Inclusion high (higher than the eye) ears, thin, short, narrow.
Thin neck.
Sunken top margin.
Loin long and loose.
Close grupa.
Narrow chest.
Tail of high insertion, folded on the back, coiled, or
pasted against the rump or loin. Absence of tail or very short abdomen.
Narrow shoulders.
Thin arms.
Forearm of thin bones, fringe members.
Hindlimbs: flat thigh, legs straight, Member
with fringe, presence of spurs. Fine and narrow, bare feet.
Thin skin.
Short, coarse, hair that is neither woolly nor curly.
Colors: Any other color than those mentioned in the standard.

• Dog aggressive or fearful.

Any dog showing clear signs of physical abnormalities or behavior should be disqualified.

Males should be two appear normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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