Breeds of dogs “The American Foxhound”

It is clearly a descendant of the English Foxhound, who arrived in United States in the middle of the 17TH century. Eventually the progeny crossed with crawlers to Lafayette gave U.S. President George Washintong.

Unlike English, his bones is lighter and also has a lighter step, is more resistant. They were used to hunt foxes and in the game, both solo and in packs. Is it better suited to family life than its English counterpart, who has always raised with other dogs.

Moderately long, slightly domed in the occipital.


Skull: Wide and full.
Depression (Stop) naso-frontal: Moderately defined.

Snout: Good length, straight and square Court.
Eyes: Large, well separate placement, with typical expression of hound dog; look soft, gentle and pleasant; Brown or Hazel.
Ears: Implementation rather it low, long, extended, coming almost to the tip of the nose; fine texture; sufficiently wide and almost devoid of erectile capacity; Hang glued to his head with the slightly flipped front edge towards the cheeks; the tips are rounded.

Rises free and light on the shoulders, strong in substance but not heavy, moderately long; clean throat, without folds of the skin; but it is allowed a slight wrinkle under the angle of the jaw.

Back: Moderately long, robust and muscular.
Lomo:Wide and slightly arched.
Chest:It should be deep, giving space for the lungs; narrower in proportion to its depth than the English Foxhound chest; a 71 cm (28 inches) circumference is considered optimal in a copy of 58 cm (23 inches) in height.
Ribs: Well arched, the subsequent well extended backwards.
Flank: A flank of 7.6 cm (3 inches) confers elasticity.

Push moderately high, carried high, but never forward over the back; slightly curved and with a little strip of hair.


Straight, with good bones.
Shoulders:Oblique, sharp and muscular, heavy or loaded, giving the impression of freedom of movement with great activity and strength.
Metacarpus: Short and straight.
Previous feet: Fox; toes well arched; strong nails; full and hard pads.

Hips and thighs: Strong and muscular, ensuring a powerful thrust.
Knees: Strong and low location.
Joints warm-tarsianas: Solid, symmetrical, moderately well-angled.
Subsequent feet: Compact and strong.

Medium-long, thick, hard texture typical of hound.

Any color is permitted.

Males should not measure less than 56 cm (22 flea – das) nor more than 63.5 cm (25 inches); females should be not less measured 53 cm (21 inches) or more than 61 cm (24 inches). The measurement must be with the dog in natural position, with the members well under the body; taken at the level of the cross.

Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing and the severity of it considers the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.
• Very flat skull, narrow top, too vaulted part.
• Nose Roman, or raised on the nasal helm giving a concave shape.
• Snout long and pointed, or very short, sharply cut under the eyes.
• Small eyes, acute of Terrier look, or prominent and bulging.
• Set ears high, short, or the tendency to rise above its point of insertion.
• Thick, short or rough neck; taken in the same height that the top of the shoulders. Throat with jowl or folds of skin.
• Back very long, convex or expired.
• Back flat and tight.
• Chest excessively wide or without depth.
• Flat ribs.
• Long tail, curved in the shape of asa or tilted from birth forward. Rat tail. Total absence of hair in the form of Strip.
• Twisted forelimbs.
• Shoulder blades straight and vertical.
• Elbows turned outwards.
• Articulation carpiana diverted forward or backward.
• Joints warm-tarsianas of cow or very straight.
• Long feet, toes separated, crushed.
• Lack of muscles and push.
• Hair short, thin or soft texture.


Skull 5
Muzzle 5
Eyes 5
Ears 5

Previous member 10
Hip, thigh and members post. 10
Feet 15

Neck 5
Shoulders and chest 15
Back, loin and ribs 15

Fur and tail
Fur 5
Tail 5

Any dog showing clear signs of physical abnormalities or behavior should be disqualified.

Males should be two appear normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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