Breeds of dogs ” The American Bully”

It is a relatively young breed (1980) but its development and recognition of it wasn’t until 1990. His breeders put special care to get a dog that would be an excellent companion family, carefully selecting the most desirable attributes of the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Stafforshire Terrier, with what has been a pet of loyal, sensitive temperament, constant and very good physical characteristics.

Athletic physical and very muscular, with a powerful head, short back.
It is a compact dog and a little intimidating at first glance, but of good character which makes its best and most prominent feature of this dog.

The American Bully

Ears: Cut or if cut. Cut are preferred.
Eyes: All colors except the albino (red). Rounded or oval, low position on the skull.
Snout: Medium-sized, rounded at the top, or square form, located at the same height as her eyes. Well defined jaws. The lower jaw must be powerful and possess great power of bite. The lips should be short, some cases were accepted for the fall, but it is not preferred. We accept only the bite in scissors. Prognathism and enognatismo will be penalized.
Nose: All colors are acceptable
Neck:Heavy, slightly arched, you must start on their shoulders and finish in his skull. Medium-sized.
Shoulders:Strong and muscular.
Body: Well marked and deep ribs in the back. All the ribs together. Rooms forwards in a fairly comprehensive set of separation, to enable the development of a strong chest.
Tail:Short in comparison to its body size, low & tweaking toward the tip. Pets are not allowed the tails cut or enruladas.
Feet:The front legs should be straight. A light turning outwards of the feet is accepted but is not desired. The bones should be large and rounded. The page in an upright position. They should not be well in the front.

There is no one specific, although the black with a white spot on the chest is the most common.

Short and smooth.

Nature excellent, will delight the little ones of the House.

Requires little attention, brushing it sporadically and bathing when necessary. As regards the exercise, must walk every day and with step alive to relieve both mental and physical energy excess.

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