Breeds of dogs “The American Bulldog”

He descended from the English Bulldog was used originally as cattle herders and watchdogs around the 13th century. Because of the trend and popularity between the English to the dogfighting among themselves or with other animals, it was used in fights with bulls, the well-known “bull baiting”, which would be prohibited in the year 1835. He began to cross with other dogs and here came the English Bulldog breed.

These dogs would be those who emigrated with their masters to the American continent. From here emerged which today we know as American Bulldog with a structure larger, faster and more agile than its predecessor.

The American Bulldog

General characteristics:
Size medium, with a good musculature, strong and agile dog.
Square head and a wide cheeks. It has a wide and short neck with a slight double chin. The eyes are round, Brown in colour which are quite separate. The ears are small and thin, high implantation.
The straight tail, being thick at the base and will be narrowing as it approaches the tip.

You can be all white or brown patches.

Short go and fine texture.

It has a good character, it is an ideal dog for the family life, you will need special attention to the smallest of the House.
They tend to get along well with other dogs if it has grown with them. Dog loyal and faithful with a strong instinct of guard that he is reserved with strangers.

Size and weight:
Males: 57-67 cm, 35-55 kg
Females: 53-65 cm, 30-45 kg

It requires little care, it is advisable to give an occasional brushing and bathing when necessary. It is important to clean areas that hide the own Anatomy folds to prevent possible skin diseases.

You need early obedience training. It does not respond well to sudden and negative methods.

It requires abundant physical exercise with frequent walks. It can be adapted to live in the city if and when offered the exercise you need.

Between 10 and 12 years.

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