The aggressive dog with humans

The dog demonstrates its superiority over other animals or humans in different ways,but this form of aggression always follows the same pattern:
– He communicates his intentions to his opponent’s body language, to warn of the danger.
– It responds to a gesture (even involuntary) which he interprets as a threat and respond by attacking.

The dog can direct his aggression against his master as well as against strangers.This behavior is usually seen between one and two years,when the dog reaches sexual maturity,although episodes of aggression can be verified before.It is a phenomenon that is found mostly in males because,in seeking new space,he rebels against his master; assault cases among females,however,are not uncommon.A serious mistake,as do many teachers,is to consider an equal all members of the pack dog/human,because they think that establishing a hierarchical relationship (with man,pack leader, and the dog submitted) reduces the animal free.But as absurd as it sounds,the dog does not recognize his master as the leader,feels responsible for the group he belongs to and authorized to make decisions for his master well: he rebels against his authority and then manifest aggression against him.

The aggressive dog with humans

The dominant dog that bites its master is one who usually sleeps on his bed (with a distinction: the dominant dog and the dog anxious,too attached to his master,both can sleep on the bed,but while the first “occupies “the bed,growling if his master is trying to step on it,the second layer near the person,direct contact,and it does not move from this place),occupied the couch,growls if you try to remove her bowl,grabs objects and never release them,the shreds,pulls on his leash,does not obey commands like “Sit! “Or” Down! “And does not respond when called.

He is jealous of other family members, especially children who came after him in the house.He is willing to be petted on certain occasions,by rebelling when he “wants to be left alone” (in this case,it is more correct to speak of aggression by irritation).This is a dog that still defies the authority of his master,who let it happen,not necessary,justifies all his behaviors and tries to calm him by spoiling him and caressing him,thereby aggravating his condition.If this is a subject that directs its aggression against the unknown,it behaves ambivalently.It can be caressed and suddenly bite the hand that cuddly,or allow a guest to enter the property he keeps,then chew on while he turns to leave.

The dog is not always aggressive in all the situations presented.He can be intimate when he get out of bed but can not show any aggressiveness when he withdraws his bowl.Some subjects do not bite in the presence of their master.These are dogs that are overprotected braver in his presence,that attack,and then again become timid and cowards when alone.The dog’s temperament has a direct impact on the trend of dominance and aggression,but it is mainly the lack of education and lack of a strict hierarchy-where the pack leader (the man) not exercise its authority-that promote the rebellious and incisive.

How to behave?

To contain the social aggression of the dog,the master must send to regain control,never forgetting that this is a behavioral pathology very difficult to cure.The punishment can be successful,but its use is recommended only very determined people who have long experience of living with animals.It is possible to lift the small dogs in the ribs and shaking slightly,but a good spanking with a log can also be used to thwart aggression.If they are larger,they can also rush with the leash.

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