The Affenpinscher

In principle existed as a House dog in the area south of Germany. Their ancestors were immortalized in the engravings of wood by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). The first inscriptions of Affenpinscher reach the year 1879. These small so appreciated dwarves at the beginning of the century developed from wire-haired Pinscher. The aspect of mono is underlined by the rough hairs on the head Crown. The coloration extends from unicolor, yellowish, reddish or grey-grey to dark grey, black white or pure black.

The Affenpinscher is small, compact and rough hair, with aspect of mono in the face.

The Affenpinscher

The construction should as much as possible appear square in relation to body length and the height to the cross.

Fearless, watchful, stubborn, faithful, sometimes with an effervescent character. It is quite a pleasant dog for the family.


Skull: Rather spherical to elongated, altogether not too heavy, vaulted upwards, with a marked forehead.
Depression (stop) naso-frontal: Clearly marked.

Truffle: It is black, round and full. Well open nostrils.
Snout: Short and straight (not respingado up). The nasal helm is straight.

Belfos: Supported firmly to the jaw, the lips are black.
JAWS/teeth: Bitten complete (42 teeth white and clean), the mandible is ahead of the maxillary and curving gently upwards. The incisors in a healthy bite are as much as possible regularly implanted in the form of a slightly rounded line. The canines and the incisors should not be with the mouth shut; still less should the Affenpinscher show the language with closed muzzle. The lack of two PM1, PM2.5 or PM3 as also the combined lack of two teeth of these teeth, must be tolerated.
Eyes: Dark, rather round and full, acceding and black eyelids. They are surrounded by a Crown of rough hairs.
Ears:High implementation, implemented symmetrically rotated forward, in the form of “V”, the internal edges of the ears lie against the head. For erect ears, they are small, like port upright, and brought more vertically.

The neck is straight, the neck is rather short, heavily implanted, powerful; the skin of the throat is firmly adjusted and without wrinkles.

Top line: From the cross backwards in a gentle incline downward, approximately in the form of a right line.
Cross: It is the highest point of the upper line.
Back: Strong, short, firm
Lomo: Short, strong. The distance from the last rib to the hip is short so that the dog is compact.
Grupa: It cuts, slightly rounded, imperceptibly passes by the insertion of the tail.
Chest: You just flattened on the sides, moderately wide, descends beyond the elbows.
Bottom line: The bottom line and the upper run almost parallel. Moderately raised belly.

Natural, the goal being to make it as a sabre or sickle.


Forelimbs, robust, straight, parallel and not too close together.
Shoulder: Good muscular. The scapula is long, inclined (approximately 45 °), flat and well attached.
Arm: Well next to the body, strong and muscular.
Elbow: Well positioned, not rotated outward or inward.
Forearm: Strongly developed and straight from all sides that you look at.
Carpus: Firm and strong.
Metacarpus: Seen straight front; profile feels a slight tilt in relation to the floor; strongly developed and muscular.
Front feet: Short and round, fingers together and arched feet (of CAT), pillows forts and strong, black short nails.

Seen in profile with a slight tilt, moderately angled. Seen from behind are parallel.
Thigh: Heavily muscular, wide
Knee: It must not be turned neither inward nor outward
Leg: Long and strong
Hock: Moderately uncontoured
Metatarsus:Perpendicular to the ground
Rear feet: A little longer than the front; fingers are together and arched; nails short and black.

Loose and fluid, with short and fast steps with moderate rear thrust. Seen from front and back straight and parallel.

Firm throughout the body.

The hair of the body must be hard and tight. The head is a typical ornament shaped eyebrows bushy as rays that surround the eyes forming a Crown, the impressive beard, the crest on the head and the hair on the cheeks. The hair of the head should be as far as possible hard, straight and perpendicular implantation to the skin, like rays. These are the essential features that give the Affenpinscher aspect of mono.

Pure black with fluff internal black.


Height to the cross: Males and females: 25 up to 30 cm.

Weight:Males and females: of 4 up to 6 kg.

Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing, and the seriousness of it is considered to the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.

In particular:

• Heavy or lightweight aspect, petizos or patilargos.
• Clear eyes.
• Inclusion low or very long ears, ears carried different from each other. Floating ears.
• Back too long, collected or soft.
• Encarpado back.
• Fall grupa.
• Inclusion of tail rotated towards the head.
• excessively uncontoured and rear of barrel.
• Long feet.
• Hair short, soft, wavy, bangs, silky, white or spotted.
• 1 cm. above the upper limit or 1 cm. below the lower limit.

• Lack of type in the expression of sex (e.g. female non-profit).
• Very lightweight bones.
• Muzzle type Griffon curved upwards, snout length.
• Exaggerated lower prognathism, bitten in clamp.
• Bulging eyes.
• Elbows turned outwards.
• Hocks turned inward.
• Deviation between 1 cm and 2 cm above the upper limit or below the lower limit of height.

• Dog aggressive or fearful.
• Deformity of any kind.
• Lack of racial type.
• Gross misconduct in each region as defects in construction, hair and color.
• More than 2 cm above or below the measures upper and lower limit.

Any dog showing clear signs of physical abnormalities or behavior should be disqualified.

Males should be two appear normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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