Temperament of the Pug


Purebred dogs Pug they have a typical temperament of a dog company, they are: They are super easy to socialize so they usually get along with adults children and other dogs and animals. Although they are playful they do not usually endure the intense games and the antics of very young children.


They are also easy to train when using positive styles of training. It is common to hear traditional trainers say that the Pug are stubborn and difficult to train dogs but that is usually the result of a bad choice of method of dog training, rather than a characteristic of the breed. When positive training methods such as clicker training are, used successfully excellent results can be achieved with these dogs.

Therefore, these dogs need company constantly as they can become destructive dogs if left alone for long and often. In addition, they need exercise and receive mental stimulation so they do not get bored. They are excellent pets for most people and families with large children, and even for novice homeowners. However, this breed is not advisable for families with very young children, as they often mistreat unintentionally small dogs.

Dogs of certain breeds, usually have certain characteristics that characterize the rest, although it is possible for a dog to have these features more or less defined everything depends on the quality of genetics of their parents grandparents, etc.  Many of you ask whether X or Y property of their Pugs makes it less pure. In this article, we discuss on common features on race and variations that may exist between different types of Pug.

If you are concerned about both the level of purity of your Pug should buy in nurseries that offer recognized guarantee of purity. The fact that has an ear one way or another, or less coiled tail, or less flattened snout, does not change the fact that our Pugs are wonderful and loving beings, so not worth obsessing over those Details.

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